Deploying a calcium reactor on your reef tank is a great way to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels within your reef. While there is a plethora of different calcium reactors and a wide variety of media options, they are not all created equal. When it comes to media specifically, there are different grain sizes (coarse or fine), different source materials, varying levels of required pH, and finally, varying degrees of purity.  All of which are important and ultimately should play a role in your selection of media. 

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KZ’s Aragonite Reactor Media vs. The Others...

Korallen-Zucht’s Aragonite media is a coarse grain calcium reactor media that provides the perfect amount of surface area while not compacting inside your reactor.  It is made from high-purity aragonite and does not contain any harmful contaminants. This high-purity aragonite means your going to ultimately get a very low phosphate level relative to the dKH concentration. During our tests, the KZ media tested with an average phosphate concentration of just 0.07 ppm, not the absolute lowest but certainly on the low end of the spectrum.

Calcium Reactor Media Comparison

For best performance, peg your internal reactor pH at 6.1 which will create an effluent solution with roughly 31 dKH carbonate hardness. Again, very competitive performance when compared to other popular calcium reactor media options. Considering it is one of the more affordable media's priced at less than $2.50 per pound, the value is obvious and no matter which way you look at it, KZ's aragonite media is tough to beat. 

It comes in both a 1kg and 4kg pouch which will provide sufficient refill for the majority of hobbyists maintaining less than 400 gallons of saltwater with a single reactor.

KZ’s ZeoMag

The Korallen Zucht ZeoMag is a secondary media that can be mixed into your Aragonite media, right inside your calcium reactor, and will dissolve to maintain magnesium levels. Not only is this convenient but also more affordable in the long run when compared to dosing and frequent testing. Given the typical magnesium consumption and concentration of the Zeo-Mag media, the 1kg pouch is more than enough for a full 4 kg refill of Aragonite media. It is recommended to run with roughly a 3:1 ratio of Aragonate media to Zeo-Mag and should not exceed 30% of the total media volume.