For the past 15 years, the Tunze Nanostream 6025 has not seen any major changes or design updates and still remains to be one of the longest-lasting and most functional AC powerheads available to reef tank owners anywhere. If the pump alone is not impressive enough, their slick-looking Nanostream Rock allows you to seamlessly blend the 6025 pumps into your aquascape, hiding the powerhead out of plain view. This is a huge benefit for smaller tanks because powerheads can be a real eyesore, especially because you just don't have the room to hide or mask cords and pumps without taking away from the viewing. 

Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6025 Pump

What Makes The Tunze Nanostream 6025 Special?

Tunze made its mark with high-quality, well-engineered powerheads.  All of the Stream series pumps share some common features that really set them apart from other AC-powered powerheads. You can choose from both fixed flow and controllable options, they can be mounted just about anywhere and allow for a huge range of directional flow with the "ball and socket" style magnetic mount. They are also available in multiple sizes to accommodate pretty much any tank size from 10 through 500+ gallons.

Nanostream 6025 Specifications:

  • For aquariums from 10-55 gallons
  • Flow rate: 740 GPH
  • Energy consumption: 5W
  • Voltage/frequency: 120v
  • Cable length: 78.7”
  • Diameter: 2.7”
  • Output diameter 1.5/.59”

The 6025 is non-controllable making it one of the more affordable Tunze Stream pumps and it produces a deceivingly powerful narrow cone-shaped water flow. Being you don't have the ability to slow it down right out of the box, it is best used in tanks that measure 36-48" long but can work in a tank measuring 24" with the proper placement.  To top it off, you are backed by Tunze's dedication to customer care and producing products that will exceed your expectations.  When cared for properly, Tunze powerheads are known to be some of the longest-lasting, most heavy-duty powerheads you can buy. 

Tunze Turbelle Nanostream Rock 6025

Nanostream Rock

The nanostream rock is made from a very natural material that will quickly become covered in coralline algae, corals, and other organisms that coat the rock surfaces in your tank. So even though it comes white, it will blend into the aquascape in no time. The unique design will not affect the output or flow in any significant way as it allows for sufficient draw of water up into the sides of the pump when set directly on the sand bed or amongst your rocks. It slides over the round outlet of the pump without the use of the native magnet mount. The rock and pump assembly can then safely be placed on the sand or in and amongst your rocks, discreetly camouflaging the pump in your aquascape.

Quick Compare - Tunze Powerhead Pumps

Model Flow Rate
Energy Use Diameter Output Diameter Controllable Tank Size
Turbelle Nanostream 6015 475 3.5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


10-55 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6020 660 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


5-100 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6025 740 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


10-55 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6040 53-1190 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


5-135 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6045 400-1175 5-7W 2.7" 1.5"/.59" Adjustable 10-135 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6055 250-1450 4-18W 2.7" 1.5"/.59" Yes 10-135 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6065 1700 12W 3.5" 1.96" No 65-210 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6085 2100 14W 3.5" 1.96" No 105-265 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6105 700-3400 35W 3.5" 2.48" Yes 50-525 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6125 3150 22W 3.5" 2.48" No 105-525 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6155 1050-3950 < 52W 3.5" 2.4" Yes up to 800 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6255 1300-4800 < 58W 3.5" 3" Yes up to 1100 Gal