Thinking About How to Frag Corals in Your Reef Tank? Start With the Right Set of Tools

When your corals grow and start to occupy too much space inside your tank, it's time to frag. Cutting or "fragging" pieces of coral is extremely rewarding, not only because it means you have probably grown a single coral to epic proportions, you also get to share that very same coral with a friend or sell it for a profit! Win-win, no matter how you look at it!

That said, having the right tools on hand is important to ensure you can create a successful frag that will grow into a healthy colony. Facts are, a sloppy cut or bad frag using dull tools often leads to excess tissue damage and possibly reducing your overall success rates. Our BRS Coral Propagation Kit comes with all of the critical tools you need to properly and precisely frag just about any size and type of coral you will encounter in a reef tank.

What's Included

  • Scraper
  • Small curved forceps
  • Large forceps
  • Epoxy removal tool
  • Soft tissue scissors
  • Small curved scissors
  • Coral Hemostat
  • Large SPS coral bone cutter
  • Small SPS coral bone cutter
  • 20g BRS extra thick gel super glue
  • #3 Scalpel handle
  • #10 Scalpel blades x5

All the tools are made from 100% stainless steel but they do come in contact with corrosive saltwater so always be sure to rinse the tools thoroughly using fresh water after using them to frag your corals. Then just be sure to dry them thoroughly before returning to the heavy-duty carrying case to keep rust at bay. The scalpel blades are individually wrapped and additional replacement scalpel blades are also available.

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