Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable (1050 to 3950 GPH) - Tunze

Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
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  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable
  • Tunze Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable

Turbelle Stream 6155 Controllable (1050 to 3950 GPH) - Tunze

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

Tunze Controllable pumps have been around for years and year with a great reputation.  Tunze now includes a controller with all their controllable powerheads which greatly increases their value. The Turbelle pumps are very quiet, and for everything you get the price is hard to beat.


German-made Tunze powerheads are the best high flow powerheads available. They are smaller and can be hidden in the aquarium easier than competing brands. Tunze pumps can be configured in a wide range of positions to target any area of the tank.

  • For aquariums up 800 gallons

  • Controllable* flow rate: 1,050 to 3,950 GPH

  • Energy consumption: Maximum of 52W

  • Voltage/frequency: 100-240V/50-60Hz

  • Cable length: 196.8”

  • Diameter: 3.5”

  • Output diameter 2.4”


Full Details

Manufacturer's Manual


Tunze pumps are excellent high flow powerheads for a number of reasons

  • They are the smallest pumps available and easy to hide.
  • They rotate to a wide range of angles for targeted flow.
  • They consume less power.
  • Available accessories such as the Tunze Rock and Controllers make them even more user-friendly.
  • Excellent warranty and customer service.


High flow is very important to maintaining a thriving healthy aquarium. Aquariums with poor flow can experience a number of easily avoidable health issue. Using high flow powerheads in your aquarium will:

  • Significantly decrease the risk of algae outbreaks.
  • Keep waste and particles suspended longer so skimmers and filters have a better chance of removing them.
  • Prevent toxic pockets from forming in hard to reach areas.
  • Keep debris from collecting on corals.
  • Keep food suspended longer so you can add less food.
  • Increase the chances of long term healthy tank success.


Quick Compare - Tunze Powerhead Pumps

ModelFlow Rate
Energy UseDiameterOutput DiameterControllableTank Size
Turbelle Nanostream 6015 475 3.5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


10-55 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6020 660 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


5-100 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6025 740 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


10-55 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6040 53-1190 5W 2.7" 1.5"/.59"


5-135 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6045 400-1175 5-7W 2.7" 1.5"/.59" Adjustable 10-135 Gal
Turbelle Nanostream 6055 250-1450 4-18W 2.7" 1.5"/.59" Yes 10-135 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6065 1700 12W 3.5" 1.96" No 65-210 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6085 2100 14W 3.5" 1.96" No 105-265 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6105 700-3400 35W 3.5" 2.48" Yes 50-525 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6125 3150 22W 3.5" 2.48" No 105-525 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6155 1050-3950 < 52W 3.5" 2.4" Yes up to 800 Gal
Turbelle Stream 6255 1300-4800 < 58W 3.5" 3" Yes up to 1100 Gal


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  • good pump with some issues By medtoad on 10/25/2016

    Got a couple of these pumps to replace another brand of wave pumps that kept breaking. So far (about three months) very happy with really one issue. The pumps a super quiet (I have to put my ear next to the pump with nothing on in the room to hear them) and move a lot of water. It took some fiddling with the wave controller to get the pulse I wanted, but that is good now too. My big complaint would be the attachment of the pump to the magnet. It spontaneously came off a couple times and then the powerhead wrecked havoc in the tank totally clearing over a third of the sand from the bottom of my 320 gallon peninsula tank. Huge mess and I was really annoyer. I solved it by supergluing these pieces on my pumps together, but shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.


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