For those looking to supplement their primary filtration and give your reef tank that extra sparkle, the Sicce EKO Canister Filters are a great option for either a bio-filtration boost or intermittent water polisher. 

Sicce EKO Canister Filter

What’s In The Box?

  • Canister filter with installed media
  • Installation sets & parts
  • Gray tubing
  • Clear rigid tubing
  • User manual
  • Quality control card

Sicce EKO Canister Filter Size Comparison

Size Options

The Sicce Space EKO+ comes in three sizes including 100, 200, and 300 models that can operate on 30, 50, and 80-gallon freshwater aquariums respectively with high-quality Sicce pumps built right into canister filter lids. These tank size ratings are specifically for freshwater aquariums and if you wanted to use the EKO as your main method of filtration on a saltwater or reef aquarium, the rating of each filter should be reduced roughly by half.  

The Media

All three models come with the media to get you started including a 10 PPI and 20 PPI foam pad as well as biomedia. The largest 300 model will also include a fine filtration pad along with some carbon. All of the media is separated into locking baskets that are easily removable. You can also introduce your preferred media or filter pads that can be cut to size. To learn more about choosing the right media for your saltwater aquarium, be sure to check out our BRStv Product Spotlight on the Sicce Whale Canister Filters as the same concepts apply when using the EKO canister filters.

Canister filter media

Uses For A Reef

These canisters make great temporary media reactors for Carbon, Purigen, Cuprisorb, and other chemical media. You can also pack them will biological media to provide an extra boost to your bio-filter or simply house fine filter pads and carbon for intermittent water polishing in between maintenance or after water changes. If you wish to use them as a primary filtration method, we only recommend they be used on nano-tanks or similarly sized reef aquariums with a small bio-load. In any case, it is critical that you perform routine maintenance to keep the media clean and avoid trapping debris that will break down to produce nitrates and phosphates. It should also be noted that carbon exhausts quickly in saltwater aquariums and should be swapped out every 7-10 days.   

  • Water Polishing Media - Coarse filter sponge, fine filter pad, and carbon layered in that order from bottom to top.  Replace carbon and rinse filter pads weekly.
  • Biological Filtration Boost - Coarse filter sponge and biological filter media (Ceramic Rings, DeNitrate, MarinePure, Xport Bio) layered in that order from bottom to top. Rinse coarse sponge weekly or as needed. 

Premium Features

One of the reasons why these systems work so well for a quick filtration job is that they are very user-friendly. The intake and output assemblies are easy to install and the filter has a quick disconnect valve to remove the tubing from the canister. The motor and impeller are built into the lid which means you won’t need to place and remove a pump from your aquarium. These canister filters are near-silent in operation and will be inaudible once placed in your stand. An extension for the output nozzle is also included to allow you to run these filters on tanks with a low water level.