Maxi-Jet style powerheads have been a staple in the aquarium hobby for decades because they are inexpensive and come in handy for a wide variety of applications around your tank.  It is safe to say that every tank owner could benefit from having a Maxi-Jet pump laying around because you will most certainly put it to use.  The latest version of the Marineland Maxi-Jet powerheads is the most versatile we have seen to date because you can configure the pump as either a centrifugal utility pump or an external propeller wave pump.  

Model Flow Rate Circulation Flow Rate Maximum Head Pressure Watts Inlet/Outlet Dimensions
Maxi-Jet 400 110 GPH 500 GPH 3 Ft. 8 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"
Maxi-Jet 600 160 GPH 750 GPH  3.5 Ft.  8 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"
Maxi-Jet 900 230 GPH 1000 GPH 4 Ft. 10 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2"
Maxi-Jet 1200 295 GPH 1300 GPH 6 Ft. 20 3/4" Tube/1/2" Tube 3.25" x 3.5" x 2

While there are four different models with different flow rates, all of them share the exact same pump dimensions and a slew of handy accessories. It is those accessories that make the pump so incredibly versatile. 

MJ pump feeding a media reactor MJ pump vacuumingsump

Utility Pump Mode

Using the standard pump cover, you can easily slip on some flexible tubing and move water from one location to the next. This is most commonly used for transferring water during water changes, or powering filtration equipment like media reactors.

You can also hold the pump in your hand and use it as a vacuum to pull detritus and settled debris from the bottom of your sump or filter. Conversely, you can remove the tubing and just hold the pump in your hand and blow detritus off of the aquascape or out from hard-to-reach areas of your filtration. Vivid Creative Aquatics makes some clever 3D printed attachments that slip onto the pump directly and come in handy for these cleaning applications. 

wave pump aeration pump configuration

Aeration Mode

Using the directional nozzle (with or without airline) and the handy suction cup mount, the pump can be used inside a quarantine tank or display to increase gas exchange and surface agitation.  

Wave or Flow Pump Mode

You can remove the standard impeller and impeller cover and swap it out with the included propeller and propeller cover to create an effective wide-flow wave pump.  The suction cup mount makes it easy to attach directly to the wall of your aquarium and it has a ball socket attachment allowing for almost 180° of rotation.  This works great directly inside your display aquarium to increase water flow which is so incredibly valuable to the health of your tank. 

The wide flow pattern the pump produces with the propeller attachment also comes in handy for mixing large batches of saltwater.