Have you just purchased a new AI Nero 3 or Nero 5 pump and need some assistance getting it set up? Our BRStv Setup Guide will help you get your powerhead operating perfectly in four easy steps.

Aqua Illumination Nero Powerhead - What's in the box?

What’s In The Box?

  • Fishguard
  • Nero pump + magnets
  • Driver & driver bracket
  • Power supply
  • Mounting Hardware

Step #1: How to install the fish guard on your Aqua Illumination Nero Powerhead

#1: Install The Fish Guard

Simply remove the magnet from the pump and attach the fish guard over the pump. Then, re-install the magnet and place the pump in your reef tank.

Step #2 - Mount your controller and plug in the pump

#2: Plug The Pump Into The Controller & Place The Cord Guides

Plug the pump into its controller and mount the controller in a convenient location such as outside your stand on the side or doors. Controllers boards make for a great addition to your tank and help mount controllers as well as organize cords. Using cord guides, velcro strips or wire organizers will helo to keep your wiring organized as well. After the controller is mounted using the included cradle, plug the pump into a wall socket or power strip.  

Step #3: Download MyAI app on your phone or tablet

#3: Download The MyAI Application & Add Your Pump

Download the MyAI app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and press the +plus button to find and select your pump. The app will automatically recognize the pump so long as it has power and is within Bluetooth range. You will then name your tank and you will be ready to begin programming.  The app is very intuitive and walks you step by step through the process.  


Step #4: Pick your mode and setup the pump schedule using the MyAI app

#4: Pick Your Mode & Build Your Schedule

Choose from four different flow modes including ConstantSpeed, Random, Pulse, and Feed. Click and drag one of these mode settings across your timeline to begin creating your own personalized schedule. You can set the pump speed and the level of variance as well as the duration of time you wish the pump to remain in a chosen mode. Proceed to set up a 24-hour mode of operation the pump will cycle through each and every day based on this schedule. 

Additional features using the MyAI app

Additional Features

There are a few other programming features that really come in handy during day to day operation of the pumps.. A 10-minute "Feed Mode" will slow down the pumps allowing livestock to feed without aggressive water flow helping to reduce food waste. "All Off" mode is perfect for turning your pumps completely off for maintenance and "All On" will run the pumps at maximum intensity to help stir up detritus or disperse liquid foods and additives.