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Korallen-Zucht, founders of the ZEOvit System, are responsible for Germany’s largest coral farm. Through extensive testing and years of proven results on their own coral grow-out systems, KZ has developed a unique line of additives to help hobbyists achieve the same amazing results in terms of coral health and care.

Our Buyer's Guide to Korallen Zucht will help you get started in achieving this same level of success in your own tank and sift through the sea of little blue bottles. You might also find it useful to review the Korallen-Zucht Product Guide and ZEOvit Guide for more detailed information.

The KZ products are primarily compliments to your daily two-part dosing or major element routine of maintaining calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium. Some of the products provide coral nutrition while others are more focused on trace elements. There are also a handful of problem-solving additives to target certain ailments that plague reef tank owners via the use of bacteria and enzymes. 


Korallen-Zucht Coral Farm - Amazing SPS Corals

Top 10 Best Sellers

These are the most popular products that have put Korallen-Zucht on the map and continue to give hobbyists extraordinary results in their reef tanks. With the exception of the ZEOvit Starter Package, it should be noted that these products are widely beneficial to any reef tank and can solve a variety of very common problems. You don't have to follow the ZEOvit system to gain the benefits of Korallen-Zucht.


BRS160 Aquarium

The BRS160 KZ Bundle

This combination of foods, additives, and trace elements is easy to understand and will benefit all reef tanks. That means no matter what kind of corals you are keeping, this BRS160 Bundle can help you achieve maximum coloration, growth, and health among your precious corals. 

  • LPS Amino
  • Amino Acid Concentrate
  • Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer
  • Sponge Power
  • FlatwormStop
  • Coral Booster
  • Pohl’s Xtra

The Coral System 1-2-3-4

One of the best ways to introduce KZ into your tank's dosing regime. The Coral System targets coloration, growth, and overall coral health without having to use a complex system of additives. Coral System contains three different coloring agents combined with a bottle of amino acids to support proper tissue and protein production.

Ryan has an LPS dominant system at home and appreciates only having to dose the Coral System once per week. The bottles are also very concentrated which means they will last quite a while depending on the size of your tank. 

Zeovit Starter Package

The ZEOvit System is the most time-tested version of carbon dosing and is what Korallen-Zucht has deployed on their own systems for decades. The ZEOvit methodology is based on both nutrient export and high nutrition input that is balanced out with food and coloring agents.

This starter package includes ZEOvit Media, ZEObak, ZEOstart, and ZEOfood. By simply adding a ZEOvit media reactor, you will have everything you need to get started with the ZEOvit System on your tank.

Korallen-Zucht Coral Farm - Yellow SPS

Additional ZEOvit Additives

Beyond the ZEOvit starter package, you can begin to explore a number of additional additives that will provide specific benefits while employing ZEOvit. Be sure to review the ZEOvit Guide for more detailed information about the additives and their benefits.

Sponge Power: This additive is targeted for filter feeders including sponges. Sponge Power promotes the health and growth of these filter feeders as they will help you absorb excess nutrients from the tank. A coral coloration feature is also a part of this additive to help bring out the deep purple hues within your corals.

Pohl’s B-Balance: This is a color-enhancing additive for mainly SPS and softies that help bring out the reds and pinks within them. It will also help the base of your SPS corals fully encrust over whatever surface they are on.

Pohl’s Xtra: This is a trace element additive that is the primary coloration tool within KZ’s line. Pohl’s Xtra is a colorizer and vitalizer for dark brown corals while Pohl’s Xtra Special performs a very similar task when it comes to light brown corals.

Pohl’s A-Balance: This additive helps your system find a natural bacteria balance in your display and when paired with Sponge Power, you can expect more pronounced yellow coloration in your SPS corals.

ZEOspur2: This is the most controversial of the additives and it is responsible for the pastel look that is synonymous with a Korallen-Zucht reef tank. ZEOspur2 reduces the density of zooxanthellae in your coral’s tissue. Zooxanthellae is brown in coloration and it can overwhelm the natural pigments of your coral and therefore, dosing this additive will allow more of the coral’s natural pigments to shine. It is very important to only use this tool with very healthy corals.

Iodide Complex: This is the last step of additions to the ZEOvit system and is specifically designed to help with coloration. When adding Iodide Complex you will notice deeper pinks, blues, greens, and reds. If you dose too much of this, you will really accentuate the greens in your display.

Korallen-Zucht SPS Coral

For ALL Reef Tanks

Coral Booster + Flatworm Stop: Our most popular bottle combination of the KZ line is the Coral Booster & Flatworm Stop. Anyone reef tank will benefit from this combo, whether you have Acropora-eating flatworms or simply want to avoid them altogether, you should use this combination. If you do have a flatworm infestation, the best part is, you don't have to remove corals to reduce and control flatworms and all of your SPS corals will build up their defenses. Flatworm Stop makes your coral tissue unpalatable for flatworms without introducing harmful poison into your tank. Coral Booster kicks in to help stimulate tissue regeneration for an efficient recovery among corals damaged by flatworms. Combining these additives with some flatworm-eating fish like a Six-Line Wrasse is a great way to keep these pests in check. If you're using proactively, you will notice thicker tissue growth and better coloration among your corals while also reducing the risk of an AEFW infestation. 

Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer: If you want to see an immediate impact on your polyp extension, dosing Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer will do just the trick. With a few drops of this additive, you will see the extension of your coral’s polyps like you’ve never seen before. Color-enhancing is also something that we will be testing in the coming months when it comes to adding this Vitalizer to your repertoire.

Amino Acids LPS or Amino Acid Concentrate: Amino acid based nutritional tools that can make a dramatic difference in both the health and appearance of your corals. Through our testing with World Wide Corals, we have found that dosing Amino’s can make a massive impact. The difference between these two products is that they are each unique blends of Amino Acids formulated specifically for either LPS or SPS+Softies.

Bio-Mate: Bio-Mate is a bacterial additive to help clean your system by attacking detritus in your rock work and sandbed. This will cause your skimmer to go crazy and you will see a lot of that broken-down detritus in your filter sock. That being said, with a lot of this removed, your phosphate level will also benefit.

Cyano Clean: Getting rid of Cyanobacteria for good can be a real headache, but with KZ’s CyanoClean you can take a more natural approach to eradication. If using a cyano poison has you worried about its effects on your aquarium, then look no further than CyanoClean. It is not toxic, doesn't rely on antibiotics, and will be a better long-term solution that will stop the build-up of cyano at its root cause.

Amino Acid Fish: Amino Acids aren’t only beneficial when it comes to corals, but they are also a great way to keep your fish species healthy and vibrant. Amino Acids will help your fish get the nutrients they may not be receiving from your standard fish foods. Adding a couple of drops of this to a pellet food is our recommended way of getting these extra nutrients to your fish.