What once was a tedious task of scrubbing every inch of your aquarium walls with a sponge to remove algae can now be accomplished easily and effectively using the Continuum Aquatics AquaBlades. The AquaBlade comes in a small handheld model as well as 15", 24", and 35" extended handle models for larger aquariums. The replacement blades are easily swappable as they dull over time and are available in steel for glass aquariums or plastic for acrylic aquariums. 

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Why Choose The AquaBlade Over Other Algae Scrapers?

These scrapers are built to last. The handheld model has a strong comfortable handle that allows you to easily grip the scraper and avoid cramping. The extended models are made to be extra rigid so they will not bow or flex during cleaning, allowing sufficient pressure to be applied. A welcome feature when compared to other long scrapers available on the market. 

Changing blades with these scrapers is extremely easy. Simply push down on the blade insert and pull it out., slide in a new blade and you're done! No screws, tools, or metal parts to fuss with. 

AquaBlades are exceptionally durable made from one solid piece of plastic meaning it will not fill with water and allows for more even distribution of pressure onto your glass walls. 

Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade

Five Ways To Use It

1. Scraping Algae: You can easily scrape away algae in all those hard-to-reach places while keeping your hands dry via the extended handles. Since they are white, it will help you spot algae when you are holding them up against the glass.

2. Moving Your Sand: You can use the scraper to move sand away from the edges of your aquarium so that you can get to the algae underneath it. Moving sand off corals is also possible using these scrapers by simply waving them near the coral causing a wave or rift which will carry the sand away. 

3. Flipping Snails & Fallen Corals: Retrieve those fallen corals or quickly flip your Snails and Urchins that have decided to go topsy turvy on you. 

4. Reach Behind Your Tank: By selecting one of these scrapers with the extended handle, you can reach anything that may have fallen behind your tank such as magnets, food, and even clean off built-up salt creep.

5. Stir Up Your Sand: Use the AquaBlade to agitate and stir up your sand bed on a regular basis which will kick up detritus for easy removal during water changes.