It's time for Part 3 in The Epic Seahorse and Macro Algae Tank Adventure, with Matthew of My First Fish Tank. From electrical rigging and controllers, to his MacroAlgae progress so far...he's gonna guide you through the beginning phases of starting your macro and seahorse tank.

Jump to different parts of his process here:

00:46 - Lowe's Hardware

01:34 - Seahorse Tank Electronics

02:42 - Sterilizer, Controllers and Temperature

03:40 - MacroAlgae shipment arrives HOT

05:50 - MacroAlgae freshwater bath

06:57 - Two days later...

07:37 - Placing algae

09:20 - Nitrate and Phosphate levels

10:05 - A green toadstool!

10:39 - BensNems for Macros

11:15 - The Plan going forward

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