Pohl’s B-Balance - Korallen-Zucht

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100 mL Pohl’s B-Balance - Korallen-Zucht

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    B-Balance replaces important minerals and additives commonly removed by protein skimmers.

    Benefits include:

    • Red enhancement in Stylophora, SPS and Pocillopora corals.
    • The ability to keep difficult corals like Cespitularia
    • More robust corals with healthier base encrustation, even in shadow areas


    B-Balance contains important minerals and additives, particularly those that are partially removed by protein skimmers. This product is particularly effective helping maintain hard to keep species like cespitularia spp. Supplementing B-Balance has also been shown to bring out intense red and pink coloration in SPS corals.

    Recommended dose is 1 mL per 25 gallons daily.

    Do not exceed recommended amount.

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