Best New Gear of 2023

As the aquatic world continues to evolve, staying abreast of the latest and greatest innovations is key to a thriving reef habitat. This comprehensive list brings you the cream of the crop in new aquarium technology, meticulously selected to help you shop with confidence. From groundbreaking equipment to advanced care tools, discover the top picks that are making waves in the aquatic community this year.

Each item on this list was a new addition to the aquarium industry in 2023 and has been selected for its unique contribution to the hobby. We talked to our team members, considered customer reviews and general feedback from the community, and even analyzed the sales data to narrow it down to the top 10 best performers of the year. 

Neptune Systems MXM Module

Neptune Systems MXM Module


A game-changer in aquarium management! This state-of-the-art wireless control device integrates with Apex Aquarium Controllers, enabling seamless control of popular EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination pumps, powerheads, and lighting. Experience unparalleled convenience and precision in managing your aquatic environment, all from a single, user-friendly app - Apex Fusion. 


HelloReef Clownfish & Anemone Aquarium

HelloReef Clownfish & Anemone Aquarium Kit


Dive into the exciting world of saltwater aquariums with a comprehensive, all-in-one kit tailored for first-timers. Inside the box, you will get everything you need to build your tank along with a special QR code that gives you access to HelloReef Connect - an interactive experience that guides you step-by-step through your aquarium journey.


AquaIllumination Blade LEDs

AquaIllumination Blade Smart Strip LEDs


A sleek and powerful lighting solution for your aquarium, these versatile strip lights offer both aesthetic brilliance and practical efficiency for saltwater and freshwater aquariums alike. Available in four different color spectrums, the Blade LED can handle almost any type of aquarium, including the most demanding SPS-dominant reef tanks and large freshwater-planted aquaria. The modular design also means you can achieve the best possible coverage, no matter the shape of your aquarium. 


Tunze Osmolator 3

Tunze Osmolator 3


With a completely redesigned optical sensor and all-new Turbelle High-Jet Pump, the Osmolator 3 was one of the most exciting additions in 2023. All of the electronics are built right into the compact sensor making installation a breeze and you don't have to find somewhere to mount a controller. The included High-Jet pump boasts a 5-year manufacturer warranty, is rated for both external and submerged applications and has a maximum delivery height of over 20 vertical feet making it suitable for a variety of different installations.  


AquaIllumination Nero 7 and Orbit

AquaIllumination Nero 7 & Orbit Cross-Flow Pumps


2023 was a banner year for AquaIllumination with not just one, not two, rather four new products to hit the market, including two very exciting powerheads! While the Nero series is not a new design, the largest Nero 7 was released back in April which means now even large tank owners can take advantage of this popular wide flow pump design.  More recently, AquaIllumination gave us the Orbit cross-flow pumps which combine the power of myAI and Mobius technology with a proven pump design to further expand the capabilities of the AquaIllumination ecosystem. 


Maxspect Cloud Gyre

Maxspect Gyre Cloud Edition


Revolutionize your reef tank's flow and experience unparalleled control with the upgraded Cloud controller! The latest edition of Maxspect's flagship Gyre powerheads keep that sleek design we've come to love with sturdy construction that promises durability and peak performance. The all-new Cloud controller allows you to connect and program your Gyre pumps using the Maxspect Syna-G app with no additional modules, wires, or hardware to worry about. 


Red Sea ATO+

Red Sea ATO+ Auto Top Off System


The Red Sea ATO+ redefines aquarium maintenance with its state-of-the-art titanium sensors and smart programming. Integrated with the ReefBeat app, it offers seamless control alongside all of your enabled Red Sea devices. The DC fill pump, dual water level sensors, and separate leak detection probe make the ATO+ a reliable and outstanding choice for saltwater and reef aquarium owners. 


AquaIllumination Axis Pumps

AquaIllumination Axis Centrifugal Pumps


The fully controllable and programmable pumps cover the return needs of tanks ranging from less than 15 gallons up to tanks as large as 90 gallons in a package that is smaller than a soda can. The one-button inline controller provides direct control over the pump's operation but you can also connect and program the pump using your phone via the myAI and Mobius apps. 


AutoAqua Auto Water Changer Lite

Autoaqua Smart Auto Water Changer Lite


What's better than a water change for your aquarium?  A water change that happens automatically of course!  The AutoAqua Smart AWC Lite uses digital sensors to manage water levels and perform precision water changes using the integrated diaphragm pump. Simply connect the pump to your clean saltwater bin, run the drain tube into a separate waste-water container, mount the sensors, and let the AWC do all the work! 


Innovative Marine Fleece Roller

Innovative Marine NUVO Roller Fleece Filter


AIO aquariums are incredibly convenient because all of the filtration is accessible and built right into the back of the display aquarium. Maintenance is easy and you don't need a ton of space.  The Manual Fleece roller can further simplify your maintenance routine and completely replace your existing filter socks or mechanical filtration pads. Just turn the dial to remove clogged-up filter material and keep your tank sparkling!