Adding LED lights to accent an ATI light fixture or almost any other T5 fixture is very easy. The Reef Brite XHO and Tech line of LED strip lights seem like they were designed just for ATI Lighting fixtures. By removing just a couple screws from the end plate of the fixture and mounting the Reef Brite strip LED lights you can add shimmer, and bring out the fluorescence in minutes. With ATI lights we suggest adding the Tech LED lights, since the silver body closely matches the ATI fixtures body.

  1. Determine if you want the Reef Brite Accent strip in the front or back of your ATI light fixture. For most reef tanks we suggest adding the strip to the front of your T5 fixture.
  2. Remove the included mounting bracket from the Reef Brite LED strip and remove the two screws on each end of the ATI light fixture where you wish to mount the LED strip.
  3. Using the screws you removed from the fixture, attach the LED mounting brackets to each side of the light fixture.
  4. Loosely reattach your Reef Brite LED strip to the mounting brackets. Once it is connected you can angle the LED strip as you desire then snug down the mounting screws.

Installation Tips: We suggest mounting the LED strips with their power cord on the same side as the fixture it is mounting to for a cleaner looking install.




If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.