Reef flare Pro LED Lighting

Since its inception in 2019, Reef Factory has solidified its position as a renowned supplier of top lighting solutions for Saltwater Aquarium enthusiasts. This not only ensures optimal coral coloring but also positions it as a financially savvy choice for reefkeeping. The Reef Flare Pro series showcases a remarkable design integrating advanced optics, ultra-quiet cooling, a high PAR output, a well-balanced spectrum, and an enhanced control interface. 

The Reef Flare Pro series, in particular, stands out for its exceptional performance, boasting up to 40% more power (Photosynthetically Active Radiation PAR) with 30% more aquarium coverage than its market counterparts while consuming up to 30% less energy.


The Reef Flare Pro series offers body color options in black or white, allowing you to choose a fixture that complements your aquarium's aesthetic. The refreshed interface panel provides a user-friendly experience with larger sliders and the ability to enter percentages for each color channel.

Reef Factory has incorporated EOI optics into the Reef Flare Pro series, featuring lenses that produce highly diffused light for maximum coverage and reduced hotspots. The innovative design ensures an even spread of the PAR coefficient within the aquarium, promoting optimal coral growth, health, and coloration.

Despite its sleek and lightweight design, the Reef Flare Pro series delivers exceptional performance, making it suitable for various tank sizes.

Reef flare Pro LED Lighting

The key to unlocking the true beauty of corals lies in the type of lighting used. When it comes to selecting the right lighting for your reef tank, the Reef Flare Pro series gives you the option of white or blue light. The blue versions, with more blue LEDs, bring out the vibrant colors of corals, creating a visually stunning underwater display. The choice between white and blue lights allows you to customize the ambiance of your saltwater aquarium to suit your preferences. Most aquarium enthusiasts agree that corals appear most enchanting under blue light, as it accentuates their radiant colors and creates an ethereal underwater ambiance.

Technical Parameters

Reef flare Specifications




Power supply

Coverage area

Power consumption

Reef flare Pro S
(Reef flare Pro S Blue)

6,3’ L x 6,3’ W x 1,1’ H

24V DC 4A 100V-230VAC 50-60Hz (AC-DC adapter included)

up to 23.6' x 23.6', depth of up to 23.6' and more

80 W

Reef flare Pro M
(Reef flare Pro M Blue)

12’ L x 6,3’ W x 1,1’ H

24V DC 7A 100V-230VAC 50-60Hz (AC-DC adapter included)

up to 31.5' x 27.6', depth of up to 27.6' and more

160 W

Reef flare Pro L
(Reef flare Pro L Blue)

19’ L x 6,3’ W x 1,1’ H

24V DC 10A 100V-230VAC 50-60Hz (AC-DC adapter included)

up to 47.2' x 27.6', depth of up to 27.6' and more

240 W


Tank Size Recommendations

Tank Size Recommendations

PAR Measurements

Reef Factory has conducted groundbreaking PAR measurements on the Reef Flare Pro series. The results are nothing short of remarkable, as the Reef Flare Pro emerges as a powerhouse, boasting an astonishing 40% more PAR compared to the most commonly found lighting solutions on the market.

Reef flare Pro PAR Diagram

We embarked on a meticulous measurement process, employing a Reef Flare Pro alongside commonly found market alternatives. The tests were conducted on a standardized tank measuring 47.24 in length, 23.62  in width, and 23.62 in height, with a water level of 19.69 in. The lights were strategically positioned 11.81 in above the water surface, maintaining a salinity of 35 parts per thousand (ppt).

Reef flare PAR Diagram

The PAR measurements unequivocally showcase the Reef Flare Pro's dominance. With a staggering 40% more PAR output than its counterparts, this series stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the realm of marine aquarium lighting. The specialized spectrum, advanced optics, and cutting-edge technology integrated into Reef Factory's design contribute to this unparalleled PAR performance.

Smart Reef Factory Ecosystem Diagram

Smart Lighting with Smart Reef App

The Reef Flare Pro series introduces a cloud-based Smart Reef app, allowing you to control and customize your lighting settings from anywhere in the world. This smart feature enhances the user experience, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your aquarium's lighting conditions. Reef Factory offers many Smart products designed for easy and convenient management of marine aquariums. Build your own system based on intelligent devices and control them from a single application!

  1. Download and log In
  2. Create your aquarium
  3. Add the device to the app


Reef Factory meets the needs of aquarists by offering convenient ready-to-use presets. Device operation configuration includes operating hours, selection of corals in your aquarium, intensity of device lighting, and more. An interesting feature is the ability to import and export presets and presets can be edited according to your needs. 

Reef flare Pro Mounting Diagram


To make sure your aquarium gets the best light, follow these easy steps to set up your lamp. Use the special mounting system to put the lamp above the aquarium, so it lights up the whole bottom of the tank. Keep it at least 11.8 in above the water. Use one of the special mounting systems for an easy setup. After putting the lamp in place, connect the power with the adapter that comes with it.

To finish, connect the cable between the lamp and the power, following the kit instructions. Wrap the cable according to the guidelines between the power and the wall plug. Make sure the light's cooling system can work well. With these steps, your aquarium light will be all setup and ready to give the best light for your animals.