Float Valves are very handy for top off reservoirs, mixing stations, and many other applications where automatic filling from a RO/DI system may be necessary. Float valves can be added in minutes and only require a single ½” (12mm) hole in the container that you want it to fill.

  1. Turn off the source water feeding your RO/DI unit and relieve all built up pressure in the system by opening the product water line.
  2. Determine the location that you wish to mount the float valve*.
  3. In the spot that you decided where you want the float valve, drill a ½” (12mm) hole for the mounting stem to pass through.
  4. On the float valve unscrew the compression fitting and the mounting nut. Do not remove the rubber gasket.
  5. Pass the float valve’s mounting stem through the hole making sure that the rubber gasket is in between the containers wall and the float valves base.
  6. Install the mounting nut onto the float valve, so that it comes into contact with the containers outer wall.
  7. With your RO/DI systems product water line, install the compression fittings outer nut over the tube, then the compression fittings ferrule and then the spacer. (see image below)
  8. Push your RO tubing all the way into the float valve until it can go no further.
  9. Slide the compression nut onto the float valves threads encapsulating the ferrule and spacer.
  10. Tighten the compression nut hand tight. The nut should be tight and not allow the RO tubing to move.
  11. Level your float valve internally and tighten the mounting nut with very minimal force.
  12. Turn your water source back on, and monitor the float valve for any external leaks.




Float Valve Mounting Tips:

  • 2” clearance from the top of any reservoir.
  • Mount to flat or minimally round containers (compatible with Brute cans)
  • Mounting through glass? Use Diamond Coated Drill Bits






If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.