Frozen Mysis Shrimp needs to be defrosted before being added to your aquarium. There are purpose built contraptions in the hobby that are designed for thawing out food, but we find a standard disposable cup works just as well. It usually only takes a couple of minutes for food to defrost, and during that time you can enhance the food with specialty additives like garlic and Selcon.

  1. With a thawing cup add the amount of food you wish to feed your aquarium for a single feeding.
  2. Add approximately 4 Tbsp of RODI water per cube of food to the thawing cup (along with any additives).
  3. Occasionally stir the cup until the food is completely defrosted.
    1. (optional) Strain and dispose any residual liquid from the food.
  4. Turn off your aquariums filtration pumps, and any excessive water flow.
  5. Using your favorite feeding tool or pouring directly out of the cup, feed as much as your fish can consume in a single 3-minute session.
  6. Excess shrimps can be stored for a couple of hours in a refrigerator if necessary.

There is a debate on if the liquid that is produced when the shrimp is thawed should be added to the tank or disposed of, that decision is completely up to you. For a reef tank with corals, we suggest adding it along with the food. Aquariums that only have fish, and no coral we would recommend straining the shrimp to remove excess juices before feeding.


defrosting mysis shrimp




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