MarinePure Ceramic Bio Media comes in many different sizes that can be used throughout your aquarium. The ceramic media has a network of pores that allows bacteria to live deep inside of the material. We like using ceramic media in our sumps or other places where we want to add biological filtration, but do not want to add straight live rock or sand. MarinePure is easy to add and easy to remove and clean when necessary. Below are basic usage and maintenance directions for how to use MarinePure Ceramic Media.


Types of MarinePure:

1 ½” Spheres – Great for filter socks, media bags, or replacing bioballs

2” Cubes – Perfect for All in One tank overflow chambers, sump baffles, or where an unusual size of the block may be required, and you do not want to modify a plate.

8” x 8” x 1” Plate – These are perfect for sump baffles, and the porosity of the blocks allows for flow through the block without backing up.

8” x 8” x 4” Plate – If you want to use a refugium but do not want the sand, or you have a large open space these are a perfect replacement. The blocks are 4” thick and can easily be cut down to your desired dimensions.

  1. Determine the location that you want to place the MarinePure Media.
  2. If any cuts need to be made this is the time to do it. We suggest leaving ½” of clearance around media plates. (i.e., If your sump chamber is 7” x 7” we recommend making a block that is 6” x 6” allowing for ½” of space on each side of the block.)
  3. Fill an appropriate sized bucket or container with RO/DI water and rinse the media until all fines and loose particles are removed.
  4. Let the block drain excess water for 1 hour.
  5. Place the MarinePure in the desired location.

Note: The media may float for a minute or so until the trapped air in the block is displaced by your tanks water. Flipping the media over a few times will help release any trapped air.



Maintenance of the MarinePure Media is relatively simple and does not require much work. Depending on the location of the media, and the ability to trap detritus and other particles cleaning may need to be done more regularly. Cleaning consists of lightly rinsing the media off in salt water, removing any foreign particles that may be hindering the flow of water throughout the block. Cleaning should range from once a month to once every 6 months depending on the location of the media if your sump or tank.

  1. Fill a bucket or suitable container with used salt water directly from your tank.
  2. Remove your MarinePure media and gently swish the media in the bucket of saltwater releasing any detritus and built up particles.
  3. Immediately replace the media back into your aquarium.

It is best practice to keep the media as wet as possible, as the media loses its water content and starts to dry out, the bacterial colonies that are supported may decline considerably. 






If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.