Aquarium Probes Wandering Around? Put It to an Affordable STOP! AquaMaxx Magnetic Probe Holder
  1. ProfiLux 4 Mega Set - Black - GHL
    ProfiLux 4 Mega Set - Black - GHL

    Earn 949 Reward Points Earn 14,235 Reward Points

  2. Temperature Probe - Neptune Systems
    Neptune Systems
    Temperature Probe - Neptune Systems

    Earn 32 Reward Points Earn 480 Reward Points


Don't leave your probes dangling in your sump or aquarium! With the AquaMaxx Magnetic Probe holder, you can get a more aesthetically pleasing and organized setup. No more pesky damages to your probes and no parameter swings because of air-exposed readings. The AquaMaxx Magnetic Probe holder holds up to four probes that accommodate two 1/2" (13mm) holes and two 11/16" (17mm) hole probes. The probe fits aquariums up to 1/2" thick. So if you're looking into an orderly and sleek fit, pick up yours today!