Thomas shows you just how easy it is to assemble the popular Innovative Marine APS Aquarium Stands. Get helpful tips, tricks, cautions, and some tools that will come in handy while assembling your stand.

The APS - Aluminum Profile Series aquarium stands are lightweight yet sturdy and will resist corrosion from saltwater. The clever locking brackets with step-by-step instructions make them extremely easy to build with absolutely no experience required. Even the timidest of Do-It-Yourselfers shouldn't have a problem building any of the APS series stands. Shoot, they even include the necessary wrench right inside the box to put everything together. The synthetic paneling material is easily modified making them quite versatile for custom installations and the variety of dimensions pair nicely with both Innovative Marine Aquariums as well as select standard aquariums.  You don't have to own an Innovative Marine tank to take advantage of these futuristic stands. 

Please note that each stand size will be different, and the instructions will have all the parts and details listed for the stand size you have selected.