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Kessil A160 w/ Gooseneck Tank Wizard Bundle


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    The Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue is perfect for nano and pico saltwater aquariums. Emitting a spectrum range of 10,000K to 20,000K, it's the perfect light for fast growth and coloration of corals. Pair the A160WE up with a Kessil A-series gooseneck for an easy and quick mounting solution.


    Kessil A160WE LED

    Amazing natural shimmer you've come to expect from Kessil, with a controllable LED, now in a compact package. We can't help but be impressed with the natural looking lighting effect produced by Kessil LEDs. They produce an amazing shimmer to rival a metal halide and you can even see the shadows of fish swimming over the sand - just like in the ocean. Kessil has put years of research into their LEDs creating a Dense Matrix LED which tightly packs the LEDs onto one chip with numerous colors and numerous wavelengths of light.

    • Kessil Logic™ - Adjust color on one channel and intensity on other channel 
    • Tunability - Tune the spectrum and intensity from 10,000K to Actinic for the Tuna Blue
    • Compatible with external 0~10V controllers like the Kessil Spectral Controller, Neptune Apex, and Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper 
    • Compact, pendant design 
    • Exceptional shimmer effect 
    • Dense Matrix LED - patented design of tightly packed LED 
    • Proprietary blend of precision UV light to encourage coral coloration 
    • Two Channels for fine tuning of brightness and color spectrum 
    • Quiet operation 
    • Advanced heat management system results in higher efficiency
    • Easily mounted via the Kessil Gooseneck System
    • Tuna Blue best for reef and saltwater tanks
    • Tuna Sun best for refugiums, mangrove, and planted tanks


    LED Specifications 

    • Dimensions - 5" (including control knobs) x 2.5" x 2.5"
    • Weight - 2.3 pounds (includes power supply)
    • Power - 40 watts
    • Spread / Coverage - 12” - 24” area, at a height of 12” - 24” off the surface of the water 


    The Kessil Mounting Arm is a rigid arm that allows your Kessil light to be suspended over your tank by clamping onto the aquariums rim. The mounting arm has an adjustment for height, as well as distance making it a perfect mounting solution for any Kessil light. With its integrated cord channel, there is no more need for plastic zip ties to manage the cables because they will route cleanly inside of the Mounting arm itself.


    Mount Specifications

    • Dimensions - 1" x W 12.32" - 15.43" x H 20.78"

    Front to back adjustment works for 18" to 24" wide tanks





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