Founded in 2019 by Marek Protasewicz and Jarek Wojczakowski, Reef Factory stands at the forefront of innovation in the marine aquarium industry. Marek, with his deep understanding of the reef aquarium hobby, and Jarek, a seasoned figure in mobile game development, brought together their diverse expertise to form a company that embodies the spirit of thinking differently and intelligently.

Reef Factory's mission was to transform the marine aquarium experience, making it more intuitive, automated, and accessible. This vision led to the creation of a suite of smart products that have altered the way aquariums are managed, prioritizing ease of use.

The Smart Reef app, a central piece of the Reef Factory ecosystem, offers a user-friendly interface for seamless management of aquarium life support systems from lighting and flow to dosing and filtration. Each Reef Factory device can be controlled individually; there is no need for a central aquarium controller.

Reef Factory Ecosystem

Reef Flare LED Lighting

The compact Reef flare LED fixture is engineered for efficiency and maximum coverage. The EOI Optics spread light evenly, eliminating dark spots in the aquarium. The lineup of Reef Factory Reef flare lights are available in three different sizes (S, M, & L) and two different spectrums (Pro & Blue).

Pro: Diverse selection of LEDs that ensure a well-balanced spectrum, optimizing coral growth and color.

Blue: Tailored towards those reefers who prefer a more blue aquarium appearance.

Dosing Pumps

Designed for various tank sizes and tasks, Reef Factory has a diverse dosing pump lineup that is sure to have something to meet your aquarium's needs. They have automated dosing solutions for dosing two-part, trace elements, amino acids, and even larger dosing pumps for moving large volumes of water. Integrated with the Smart Reef app, they allow for effortless monitoring and control, making your aquarium maintenance simpler and more efficient.

Monitors & Controllers

Reef Factory offers several stand-alone monitors and controllers to keep your aquarium running smoothly and to alert you of potential issues before they become tank disasters. Temperature, water level, TDS, pH, alkalinity, and more. It can all be monitored using Reef Factory's lineup of smart reefing tech. The best news? No central aquarium controller is required, so you can mix and match the devices that are most useful for your aquarium setup.

Smart Filter Rollers

Smart roller automatic filter rollers eliminate the need for filter socks and automatically remove particles from your aquarium water. The result? Crystal clear water, waste removal before it breaks down, and reduced daily maintenance. Unlike some filter roller systems, replacing the fleece roll is a breeze. There's no need to remove the entire unit from the sump or even turn off your pumps during maintenance.

With the Smart Reef app, you can access helpful info like the estimated number of days remaining on the current fleece roll, turn the filter roller on/off, be alerted if there is a jam, and more. Place the filter roller directly in a sump using the included legs or hang on the side of your sump with the included hanging bracket.

Controllable Return Pumps

The Reef Factory Base pump is a solid choice for hobbyists who value quiet operation and ease of use. This pump provides consistent water flow, making it ideal for use as a return pump. Each Base pump is fully integrated into the Smart Reef app, allowing you to adjust flow rate, set a feed mode, monitor performance, and receive notifications if something isn't right. If you're in front of the aquarium, there is an included backlit display that shows the current speed of the pump.