The Dosing Pump family from Reef Factory is a modern line of easy-to-set-up, reliable, and precise dosing pumps. Reef Factory offers convenient control through a phone app and provides a range of smart solutions. Thanks to modern dosing technology, maintaining stable parameters in a saltwater aquarium has never been easier. The Dosing Pumps from Reef Factory is an excellent choice for the responsible aquarist who values convenience, precise dosing, and stable parameters in the tank.

Dosing pump, Dosing pump X3 & X4

The simplest way to maintain the right level of elements in a saltwater aquarium is by dosing components. The Dosing pump family X1, X3, and X4 from Reef Factory is a modern line of easy-to-set-up, reliable, and precise dosing pumps, perfect for these purposes. These dosing pumps can be used to add both components and minerals to a saltwater aquarium. The pumps come in three versions: with one, three, and four heads.

Dosing accuracy - up to 0.1ml

Dosing pump Pro 

The Dosing Pump Pro has been designed specifically for the small amounts of dosing demand of marine aquarium hobby. The Dosing Pump Pro from Reef Factory allows you to efficiently manage the dispensing of liquids into a marine aquarium. The functionality exceeds the capability of what other products on the market provide and the product is being constantly developed. In the future through intuitive updates, the Dosing Pumps Pro will be enriched with user suggestions and new Smart Reef system integrations.

Dosing accuracy up to 0,01 ml, stepper motor.

Dosing Pump Large

The pump has been designed for a bigger amount of liquids. 
Thanks to modern technologies, you can control the pump remotely, easily change dosages, see how much liquid / water has been added and how much will be added on a given day. The device also informs you how much liquid is left in the container. 

Accuracy: 0.01 L / 0,0026 gal, recommended single dose: 0.3 L / 0,078 gal, water flow per minute 1 L / 0.26 gal

Smart control with Reef Factory

Smart Features

  • remote management capability: YES via Smart Reef
  • dose percentage increase function (quick dose change)
  • extra amount adding in time feature (manual dose)
  • quick and easy configuration
  • multiple pumps group option
  • level liquid container indicator with alarms
  • dosing history
  • schedule import/export
  • maximum 24 dose per day
  • dosing days schedule 

Smart Reef System

Reef Factory offers a wide range of Smart products, facilitating easy and convenient saltwater aquarium management. With the Smart Reef app, you can seamlessly integrate various devices into one system. Kh keeper Plus is part of the largest ecosystem of Reef Factory’s own Smart devices for marine aquariums in the world in our hobby.