Reef Factory pH Meter

pH in a saltwater aquarium is one of the most important parameters that significantly affects the health and development of marine life, especially corals and fish. It influences the absorption of minerals, and too low pH can stress fish and corals. Proper pH leads to faster growth and more beautiful colors in corals.

To maintain the appropriate pH in a saltwater aquarium, it is primarily important to monitor it properly. Reef Factory assists with this by offering a Smart version of the pH meter monitor. Thanks to this modern technology, we can track the pH level in the saltwater aquarium 24/7 from our phone. If the pH value exceeds the set range, we will immediately receive a notification directly to our smartphone

Reef Factory pH Meter

Modern device management panel in the Smart Reef app - Users have access to a clear, modern management panel in the Smart Reef app.In it, we can set a safe pH range for the aquarium and notifications.

Measurement history - A clear chart of measurement history. Using this tool, we can not only check the daily fluctuations of pH in the saltwater aquarium but also detect any irregularities in a selected period. It's a very useful tool for working with pH in a saltwater aquarium.

No central computer required

Reef Factory offers a wide range of Smart products, facilitating easy and convenient saltwater aquarium management. With the Smart Reef app, you can seamlessly integrate various devices into one system. Kh keeper Plus is part of the largest ecosystem of Reef Factory’s own Smart devices for marine aquariums in the world in our hobby.