New Tank Shopping List - Coral Dipping


Shop Coral Dip

1. Coral Dip

Coral dip is a solution used to treat and cleanse new corals before introducing them to a new saltwater aquarium display or frag tank. The dip typically contains elements that are harmful to the pests but safe for the coral. By placing the coral in the dip solution for a short period of time, the pests fall off the coral for easy removal, but the coral is able to withstand the dip. While dips aren't always 100% effective, dipping corals is an essential step in preventing the spread of unwanted organisms inside of our aquariums. Before you dip, make sure you're not making one of these Top 20 Coral Dipping Mistakes!

Shop Dipping Containers

2. Container

Having a dedicated dipping container is a must. There are a number of containers that'll get the job done here, but we have two favorites. One is the white OXO mixing bowl. The white color really helps spot pests that might fall off during the dipping process and the larger size allows for multiple corals to be dipped at the same time, if necessary. Our next favorite container is the Simplicity Coral Dipping Container. Its clear, and has a built-in 10x magnifier, so inspection is a breeze. The graduated measuring marks make for easy coral dip mixing.

Shop Fragging Tools

3. Fragging Tools & Brush

It's important to know that while coral dips are very effective, they can't remove every pest. Pest organism eggs are particularly hard to remove by dipping alone. We recommend removing the frag plug or rubble rock from your new coral if you can as this is a spot where these eggs are often found. Using a coral bone cutter will do the trick. It's also a good idea to closely inspect any skeleton base (particularly on LPS coral) for eggs. A brush is a good tool for giving the base a quick scrub.

Shop Coral Adhesive

4. Coral Adhesive

After you dip your coral, it's handy to have a coral adhesive available to mount your corals to new frag plugs, rubble rock, or directly onto your aquascape. Super glue gel and epoxy are two of our favorites for this job. If you're mounting to a frag plug, it's also incredibly helpful to have Insta-set Super Glue Accelerator as it will almost instantly cure super glue gel. If you're not quite sure how to mount coral, that's ok! We've got you covered with 6 Steps & Everything You Need for First Time Coral Mounting!

Turkey Baster

5. Turkey Baster

While the coral is in the dip solution, give the coral a couple of swishes and flush water over it's skeleton with a turkey baster. The water movement will help to dislodge stubborn pests. 

Safety Gear

6. Safety Gear

Safety first! Whenever you're working with corals, it's a good idea to wear gloves and eye protection. While it might seem like overkill, corals like Zoanthids and Palythoa, can be dangerous if they're not handled properly.