New Tank Shopping List - Lighting


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1. Light Fixture

When it comes to reef aquariums, lighting is one of the most important life support systems. Since most corals rely on photosynthesis to create energy, picking the right light can literally be the difference between life and death for these animals. With all the lighting options available, selecting the right light can be overwhelming. Not to worry! We have an easy-to-understand video guide to help you pick the perfect light for your tank right here >> Demystifying The Process of Choosing Reef Tank Lighting - What You Need To Know

Shop LED Lighting

2. Light Mounts

After you've selected the lighting for your aquarium, you'll need the proper mounting solution. Most fixtures have multiple options from gooseneck tank mounts, suspension clips, legs, or other rail systems for mounting multiple fixtures. Make sure you take mounting height into account! To learn more about how mounting height affects performance, check out BRStv Investigates: Light Positioning >> What is the Optimal Mounting Height: Hot Spots vs. Efficiency

PAR Meter

3. PAR Meter

The human eye is a poor judge of light intensity, which is why so many aquarists rely on a PAR meter to set up their reef tank lighting. By using this tool, we take much of the guess work out of the initial setup and can ensure that we're not putting our corals at risk by over or under lighting our tanks. There are a handful of great PAR meters available and if you need some help deciding, we have a PAR Meter Buyer's Guide right here >> PAR Meter Buyer's Guide