AltaSeads Conservancy

October is set to be an exciting month for conservation enthusiasts as Bulk Reef Supply, a major brand under Aperture Pet & Life, announces its collaboration with AltaSeads Conservancy. This strategic partnership aims to further the cause of conserving wild macroalgae ecosystems along the western US Pacific Coast, often dubbed the 'reefs of the West Coast'.

AltaSeads Conservancy

AltaSeads Conservancy, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to ensuring the health and biodiversity of wild macroalgae ecosystems in the nearshore coastal zones of the American Pacific. The organization's focus is not just on preservation, but also propagation as they maintain seed banks of various kelp species including:

  • Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera)
  • Bull kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana)
  • Golden Kombu (Laminaria farlowii)
  • Ribbon kelp (Alaria marginata)

These seed banks play a critical role in AltaSeads' mission to restore, breed, and farm kelp. Their research and kelp farming efforts consider the importance of genetic diversity ensuring healthy marine ecosystems for generations to come. AltaSeads also contributes to education around the maintenance of natural and farmed kelp as part of the blue economy initiative at their AltaSea facility in the Port of Los Angeles. 

Sea Otter in Kelp

Why Kelp?

Kelp, a type of marine seaweed, is paramount to oceanic ecosystems. Serving as a habitat for marine life, it provides both food and protection to well over 1000 unique species. In many cases, these animals could not survive without Kelp making it both a keystone host and indicator species -  a healthy kelp forest ensures and indicates a healthy marine ecosystem at large.

Beyond its ecological importance, kelp also plays a vital role in mitigating climate change, as it absorbs carbon dioxide, helping offset the adverse effects of rising atmospheric CO2 levels. In addition, Kelp can be farmed for commercial purposes and is used across a wide variety of applications from food and cosmetics to medications and health supplements.  

Radion LED at AltaSeads
Radion LED at AltaSeads
Radion LED at AltaSeads

Our Contribution

Bulk Reef Supply has taken the initiative to provide AltaSeads with necessary equipment donations, significantly aiding the organization's aquaculture efforts. Michael Marty-Rivera of AltaSeads praised the equipment, mentioning that products like the Radion G6 Pros by EcoTech Marine offer the perfect PAR and spectrum for growing kelp. Moreover, the AI Blade Refugium LEDs ensure a reliable red spectrum for seed bank strains, while the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers diligently monitor water parameters.

Join the Movement

As we enter October, the call to action is clear: spread the word about AltaSeads and the importance of kelp conservation. Follow Bulk Reef Supply's social channels for regular updates and more exciting news from the AltaSeads Conservancy. For those looking to play a direct part in the solution, consider donating directly to the AltaSeads Conservancy.

Together, with organizations like Bulk Reef Supply and AltaSeads Conservancy working hand-in-hand, the future of our coastal macroalgae ecosystems looks brighter.