There really is no question when it comes to the benefits of having a remote monitoring solution on your aquarium. 100% of the aquariums out there benefit from having a monitoring solution because when you are able to monitor your aquarium's status in real time, most major issues can be addressed before disaster strikes.

Taking this a step further with remote control and automation is something that most saltwater aquarium owners appreciate and may very well be just the thing you need to simplify the hobby, making it more enjoyable and helping you find even more success.

Neptune Systems Apex Fusion App

Aquarium Monitor
Uses probes and sensors to monitor critical water parameters and conditions inside your aquarium. The device is configured to send you notifications (on your phone) when any one of those parameters or conditions strays out of acceptable range. This at least gives you an opportunity to take action before any kind of severe harm comes to your aquarium.
Aquarium Controller
Uses probes and sensors to monitor critical water parameters and conditions inside your aquarium. You can then connect your aquarium equipment and control everything using a single electronic interface.  You gain the ability to automate a wide variety of tasks and program protections around your life support equipment based on conditions.


Why Do I Need an Aquarium Monitor?

Because stuff happens and it happens to all of us. Equipment fails, power goes out, parameters swing, and let's be honest, you're only human and will eventually forget to do something. Having an aquarium monitor is a redundant way of keeping your aquarium inhabitants safe. 

Get notified when:

  • The temperature rises or falls out of the acceptable range
  • pH swings to dangerous levels
  • The sump is running dry
  • Return pump stops pumping water
  • ATO fails or is empty
  • Water is leaking
  • Power goes out

These are all very real threats that 100% of hobbyists will eventually encounter. When the inevitable problem arises, an aquarium monitor will notify you so that you can take action or ask someone to take action before it's too late. Aquarium monitors are really beneficial for ALL tank owners, no matter their level of experience. 

Why Do I need an Aquarium Controller?

Because you get all of the protection of having a remote aquarium monitor and gain the convenience of being able to control and automate your aquarium equipment. You can also set protections that not only protect your aquarium inhabitants but also your tank's equipment.

For example:

  • It is incredibly valuable to know when the temperature is rising in your aquarium. A controller will automatically recognize the problem and turn off power to your heaters, just to be safe, then send you a notification about it. You could even have it automatically turn on a cooling fan or chiller to help combat the temperature rise.  
  • The controller could sense a dropping water level in the sump and automatically turn off the return pump so it doesn't run dry and burn out.
  • You can program a feed hold that slows down your powerheads and turns off your return pump and skimmer for only a set period of time.  After you feed the tank, everything will return to normal operation automatically!

These scenarios are really only the beginning of what an aquarium controller like the Neptune Systems A3 Apex can accomplish.  The convenience of having central control over all of your aquarium equipment and the ability to automate a wide variety of tasks associated with your tank will most certainly make the hobby easier, and therefore, help you find more success.  

Aquarium controllers benefit 100% of tank owners that actually use them and really provide the most value to those looking for maximum protection and wishing to simplify the complexities of keeping a saltwater aquarium. 

Neptune Systems Apex

Choosing a Neptune Systems A3 Apex

When it comes time to choose a Neptune Systems A3 Apex System for your aquarium, making the best choice is all about knowing the level of protection you desire and how much you value the simplicity that automation and control provide. 

Neptune Systems A3 Apex Pro
A3 Apex Pro
The most powerful Apex package

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Neptune Systems A3 Apex
A3 Apex
Monitoring + Control = Apex Protected

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Neptune Systems A3 Apex Jr
Apex Jr

Apex monitoring with the power to grow

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In a nutshell, the A3 ApexJr is an aquarium monitor while the A3 Apex and Apex Pro are aquarium controllers. All of them provide you with remote monitoring solutions but only the Apex and Apex Pro provide the ability to control and automate things right out of the box. The good news is that no matter which system you choose upfront, additional capabilities can be unlocked with the purchase of modules, accessories, probes, and sensors.

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