Power failure is an aquarist’s worst nightmare. Aquariums are very sensitive ecosystems and without power to the equipment on your tank; a catastrophe can quicker than you think. Without water circulation, oxygen can deplete quickly and cause your tank inhabitants to suffocate. With the EcoTech Marine Battery back-up you can rest peacefully knowing that the crucial pumps on your tank will remain in operation and keep your aquarium animals alive during a power failure.


This battery backup attaches directly to your EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps via the included cables.  In the event power is lost, the battery will automatically supply power to the pumps and keep water moving inside your aquarium.  Since the trickle charger is designed for continuous operation; once your power is returned the batter will recharge itself.



Connecting a single VorTech pump will achieve the maximum operating time.  You can connect two VorTech pumps, but the maximum operating time will be cut in half.  A second battery can be added to double the maximum run time.  The EcoTech Marine Vectra pumps can also be used with the Battery Backup. A Vectra Battery Back-Up Booster accessory is required in order to supply the correct power to your Vectra pump.

Protecting your reef tank is important, especially for those of you in areas where the risk of power failure is all too common.  The EcoTech Marine Battery Back-Up can help you rest easy and gives the peace of mind that your tank inhabitants are not at risk, even while you are away.

-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!