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Rescue Air USB Battery Powered DC Air Pump - Cobalt Aquatics

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    Up to 72 Hours of Reliable Air Flow During Emergencies or Power Outages

    The Rescue Air USB Battery Powered Air Pump is perfect for any emergency. With the onboard battery and included a battery bank, the pump can be powered for up to 72 hours. It can run continuously or with a 10-second on/off cycle in the battery powered mode to make the pump last as long as possible. Power outages will usually last just a couple hours, but you never know when disaster could strike and have an outage for a few days. When your aquarium water goes without flow, O2 levels will start to drop and after a few hours, the lack of oxygen could start to cause serious issues for your fish. By just dropping an airline with a diffusion stone into your display tank creating some surface movement will help promote gas exchange, keeping the oxygen levels from depleting.

    • Includes External Battery Bank
    • Perfect for Power Outages
    • Single Output
    • Silent Operation
    • Uses Standard 3/16" Tubing
    • 10 Second Oscillation Option
    • Auto-On During Power Outage*
    • 3-Year Warranty


    Charging of the pump and battery bank can be accomplished through any standard USB charging port and the pump can last up to 24 hours on its own, with an additional 48 hours being added when the battery bank is connected. 


    Keep your water oxygenated during any of these instances:

    • Power Outages
    • Transporting Fish
    • Add O2 During Medications
    • Collection Trips
    • Frag Swaps
    • Local Fish Store Tours



    Air Output - 19 GPH

    Tubing Size - 3/16"

    Max Depth - 60"

    Wattage - 1W

    Voltage - 5V


    What's Included?

    1x Rescue Air USB Powered Air Pump - Single Output

    1x USB Power Supply

    1x Battery Bank with Charging Cord

    1x Airstone

    32" Airline Tubing


    Note - *Cobalt Battery Powered Air Pumps must be plugged into to a wall outlet to detect a power outage. If the pump is already running it will continue to run on battery power when power is lost. If the pump is off it will automatically turn on to prevent fish loss.


    PDF Image Rescue Air USB Air Pump Owners Manual

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