Learn about all of the great benefits a sump system has to offer and get some helpful insight that will make shopping for and installing a sump on your home aquarium much easier.

Proper filtration in an aquarium is absolutely the most important factor for success. When keeping a reef aquarium, filtration is all that more critical because of the sensitive nature of the animals inside and using a sump system can make it much easier to achieve perfect parameters in your reef tank.

A sump is basically a container of water below your aquarium used to house filtration equipment. It will create a larger total water volume in your system which helps dilute waste and makes it easier to maintain healthy water parameters. You can also incorporate more advanced filtration equipment and techniques beyond what other conventional filtration equipment offers; things such as protein skimmers, media reactors, refugiums and algae scrubbers.

By housing all of your equipment in your sump you end up with far less clutter in your display aquarium making for a more natural looking aquascape.

In order to install a sump on your aquarium you will first need to create a drain and this is achieved one of two ways; using a hang-on overflow box or drilling a hole in your aquarium.

A hang-on overflow box siphons water over the edge of your tank and then drains it into the sump.
Having a hole in your tank allows you to use a bulkhead and create a direct gravity drain from the tank into your sump without using a siphon. This is the preferred method as it eliminates the risk of a siphon break.

So once you have sorted out the drain, it is time to choose a sump and get all of the appropriate plumbing. Be sure to check the dimensions under your tank to ensure the chosen sump will fit inside your stand. Nothing is worse than realizing your sump or skimmer for that matter is ½” too big!

You will need a return pump and all of the fittings, tubing, and pipes that will allow you to get water in and out of the sump. The exact plumbing parts needed vary from tank to tank and this is where our Customer Service Team shines; we stock all of the specialized plumbing parts you will need and you can give us a call and one of our aquarium experts can walk you through choosing the correct plumbing parts and ensure you have everything you need for installation.

For larger tanks, the Berlin Sumps are one of our favorite and most popular options. These sumps are economical and available in two sizes for tanks up to 250 gallons. Both sizes include a drain tube, a filter sock to polish the water and a coarse filter sponge to help reduce micro-bubbles and filter out larger debris. The main baffle is removable which allows you to adjust the water height and utilize the large space for a refugium or for a protein skimmer and other equipment.

The new EShopps CUBE Nano Refugium is a unique sump perfectly suited for tanks ranging from 10 – 35 gallons. The Eshopps channel design is this really cool baffling system they created that diverts water into two separate chambers; one which can be used as a refugium and the other for a protein skimmer and return pump. It also incorporates a filter sock and a couple of course sponges to help reduce micro-bubbles. It measures only 14” x 14” and is 16” tall making it easy to fit inside small spaces and gives you all the benefits of larger multi-chambered sump system.

Installing a sump can be a little intimidating and will require some work but the benefits of using one are definitely worth it.  If you are looking to install a sump or are building your dream tank, MarineDepot.com has what you need to make your aquarium dreams come true.

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