All-in-one tanks have become massively popular in the reefing side of the aquarium hobby thanks to their compact footprint, built-in filtration capabilities and the growing number of options that have hit the market in recent years.

Southern California-based aquarium manufacturer Innovative Marine has been leading the charge, unleashing an amazing 11 AIO-style tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With such an impressive arsenal of aquariums available, with tanks ranging from 4 to 120 gallons, there is likely an Innovative Marine aquarium available to fit every would-be reefer’s budget.

I spoke to some of the friendly folks at Nano-Reef and Reef Central and was able to round-up one inspirational example of each of Innovative Marine’s 11 Nuvo Aquariums. So, without further ado, here is my list of inspirational aquascapes, listed from smallest to largest.

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Innovative Marine 4 Gallon Pico Aquarium
Although this is the smallest of all the Innovative Marine aquariums, the aquascape makes it seem like there's a lot of room in the tank for corals. The clamp-on Innovative Marine Skkye Light gives that extra color aesthetic to the corals and looks very sleek on top of this 4 gallon masterpiece. I also love seeing MaxiMinis inside nano tanks and the multi-colored ricordea rock is going to look great as it grows out.

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Innovative Marine 8 Gallon Nano Aquarium
The aerial view of this tank is stunning! The LPS and soft coral combinations look vibrant and colorful from the top. The colony sizes and placement makes this tank look like it has a lot more corals than it actually has, something most reef hobbyists strive for. The use of chaeto algae in the bottom left corner is a great alternative to a refugium and it gives the aquarium that much more color. Again we see the Innovative Marine Skkye LED Light fixture growing very healthy looking corals.

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Innovative Marine 16 Gallon Nuvo Aquarium
The lighting for this tank is what first caught my attention. This is a 24" long aquarium which minimizes your lighting options. The use of dual Innovative Marine Skkye LED on each end with a Kessil A150W in the middle gives the tank the capabilities to grow almost any coral in the right spot. The EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 powerhead is giving the duncans and euphyllia corals that amazing flow you see in the image. This tank is not only packed with corals but the equipment attached is why I chose this as my favorite 16 gallon.

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Innovative Marine 24 Gallon Nuvo Aquarium
The color popping out of this tank is the reason why I chose this aquarium to represent Innovative Marine's 24 gallon model. The use of dual Aqua Illumination Hydra LED fixtures gives the long 36" tank the capability to place coral virtually anywhere in the tank with no dark spots. This is a great example of a colorful mixed reef aquarium.

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Innovative Marine 30 Gallon Micro Nuvo Aquarium
This 30 gallon aquarium has it all: a Maxspect Nano Razor R420R LED fixture, a CAD Lights Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer and an EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 powerhead. Each one of these products are among the best available on the market today. The proof is in the healthiness and growth of all the corals, especially my favorite, a mature monti cap that is growing every which way!

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Innovative Marine 30 Gallon NUVO Fusion 30L Aquarium
I love this tank! The new 30 gallon long is just like the popular 24 gallon, but with even more room for filtration and corals. The use of the EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10, Maxspect Razor R420R 160W LED Fixture and the Innovative Marine Midsize Protein Skimmer and MiniMax Reactor. The aquascape leaves plenty of room for coral on the rock and sandbed.

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Innovative Marine 38 Gallon Mini Nuvo Aquarium
The Tonga branch aquascape gives this aquarium an amazing look. The heree dual EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10's and Innovative Marine Spin Stream Return Nozzles deliver incredible randomized flow throughout the entire tank. The EcoTech Marine Radion Pro enables this tank to have a mixed reef with a great variety of SPS up top and LPS down below.

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Innovative Marine 40 Gallon Nuvo Fusion 40 Aquarium
The Fusion 40 is one of Innovative Marine's newest additions to its aquarium quiver and truly one-of-a-kind. With its 24" length and 20" width, it has a great cube-shape with very clean-looking corners. The bare bottom look is a gaining popularity and looks great with this tank and aquascape. The aquarium is equipped with dual EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10's for flow, plus an Innovative Marine Midsize Media Reactor and AquaMaxx HOB-1 Protein Skimmer for to improve water quality.

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Innovative Marine 60 Gallon SR-60 Nuvo Aquarium
The SR-60 is the smallest aquarium in the SR (shallow reef) Series from Innovative Marine. The amazing variety and size of the coral colonies combine to create a stunning aquascape. The equipment the owner selected is clearly doing its job because the tank is very clean and all the livestock appears healthy and colorful. You'll notice dual EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 pumps for flow; a CAD Lights Pipeless Protein Skimmer and Innovative Marine's own MiniMax Media Reactor help to keep the water clean.

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The rubble pile look of this aquascape is something you see a lot while diving in real ocean reefs. I think this aquarium has a great aesthetic feel to it and leaves plenty of room to play with. I love the gradual slope and peaks of the rock work. The bright LEDs you see are dual Aqua Illumination Vegas; an AquaC Remora Pro-S Protein Skimmer hangs on the back of the tank to pull out organics. The music lyrics and guitar artwork on the wall behind the tank definitely add to the tank's personality.
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Last but certainly not least is the largest in the Innovative Marine aquarium family, the 120 gallon shallow reef. The triple EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixtures are super stylish and capable of growing any kind of coral in any part of the tank. The many trenches and shelves in this aquascape make it perfect for both the aquarium keeper and the fish inside the tank. Even though this SR-120 isn't maxed out with corals, the massive colonies that are present give the tank all the aesthetics it needs.