Salifert Aquarium Test Kits

Best Selling Saltwater Aquarium Test Kits



It should come as no surprise that Salifert dominates this genre because they have long been the go-to test kit for saltwater and reef aquarium hobbyists. The kits offer great value, are available in a wide range of parameters, and are relatively easy to use. Salifert is the #1 selling test kit brand on our website as chosen by all of you.  


Smart Stir - AutoAqua

Best Water Testing Accessory

AutoAqua Smart Stir


The surprisingly convenient Smart Stir is a great little device that helps to thoroughly mix water samples with reagents. No more losing the tiny vial caps and you can ensure consistent results with each and every test. It accepts the most common test kit cuvettes or vials and features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 


Magnesium Test Kits

Best Magnesium Test Kits

Salifert Magnesium Test Kit and Aquaforest Magnesium Test Kits


In terms of the best seller, Salifert takes the cake which is going to be a common theme across all of the parameters because of the great value this brand provides. For those who want to ensure more consistent results, we have found the Aquaforest Magnesium kit to be among the easiest to perform while still providing very consistent measurements. Check out the BRStv Investigates Video - Can You Test Your Aquarium Test Kit? to learn more. 


Calcium Test Kits

Best Calcium Test Kits

Salifert Calcium and Red Sea Calcium Pro


Once again, Salifert is far and away the customer favorite based on the number of test kits sold this year. With that in mind, the Red Sea Calcium Pro rises to the top of this category for the quality materials, consistent results, and easy step-by-step testing process.


Alkalinity Test Kits

Best Alkalinity Test Kits

Salifert dKH Alkalinity and Hanna Instruments dKH Checker Colorimeter


While Salifert is the most popular "manual" test kit, Hanna Instruments dKH Checker Colorimeter is what deserves attention in this category.  Their Checker Colorimeters have really changed the testing game because they provide quick, accurate, and consistent results with minimal room for human error. The dKH Colorimeter specifically is by far the most popular of the Checker Colorimeter lineup because alkalinity is one of the most critical and volatile parameters in a reef tank. Frequent testing with accurate results is the only way to verify the stability a healthy tank needs. 


Phosphate Test Kits

Best Phosphate Test Kits

Salifert Phosphate Test Kit and Hanna Instruments Low Range Phosphate Checker Colorimeter


Similar to the previous category, phosphate is a popular test for reef tank owners and while Salifert wins the affordability prize, the Hanna Instruments Colorimeter is a more impressive contender.  Phosphate is maintained at very low levels in the aquarium and at these low ranges, accuracy is difficult to achieve for most any kit. While most hobbyists will simply look for trends in their results, the Hanna Low-Range Phosphate Colorimeter provides a level of accuracy and consistency that can't be had with traditional water tests. 

Nitrate Test Kits

Best Nitrate Test Kits

Nyos Nitrate Reefer Test Kit and Hanna Instruments High-Range Nitrate Checker Colorimeter


Breaking the mold, Nyos rises to the top of the Nitrate category because their color reference style nitrate kit is much easier to read than most of the other test kits on the market.  Nitrate is one of those parameters that doesn't need to be monitored precisely but rather maintained stable; the key is to avoid perpetually rising nitrate levels and the Nyos kit is most certainly a capable indicator for most home aquariums. Hanna Instruments also deserves a mention in this category because their High-Range Nitrate Checker is the ONLY digital nitrate tester on the market and simplifies the testing process.