The Nyos Floating Fish Trap is an exceptional option for aquarium owners seeking an effective and hassle-free method to catch fish. Unlike traditional fish traps, which can be cumbersome to use, the Nyos trap offers a more efficient design. Instead of relying on a trapdoor within a box, this trap utilizes a floating globe that releases the entire trap from the glass. As the opening faces upward, the air inside the rim causes the trap to swiftly rise to the surface, securely capturing your fish. This innovative approach ensures easy retrieval, saving you from the inconvenience of reaching deep into the tank or risking the fish escaping during the process.

Measuring just over six inches front to back, with an opening diameter of almost three inches, the Nyos fish trap is ideal for catching various small reef fish, including gobies, blennies, clowns, damsels, and more. It's important to note that it may not be suitable for larger species like adult tangs, rabbit or fox face fish, or large angel fish. The trap features strong magnets that firmly hold it in place on glass up to 5/8 of an inch thick, making it suitable for the average reef aquarium.

How to Use Nyos Floating Fish Trap

  1. Mount it inside the tank near the surface and secure it with the magnet.
  2. Add food through the top port
  3. Wait for the fish to enter
  4. Remove the magnet to safely extract the captured fish.

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Catch

  • It's beneficial to leave the trap in the tank for a few days and feed the fish exclusively through the trap's hatch so the fish become comfortable with the trap.
  • If your target fish prefers moving prey, you can use the pipette to create movement within the trap and entice the fish to enter.
  • If the food inside the trap moves too chaotically or is blown out because of too much water flow, temporarily turn off your powerheads
  • For skittish fish, you can tie a piece of rope or fishing line to the loop at the back of the magnet in order to pull the magnet from a distance.
  • Remember to ensure that small and fast fish are completely inside the trap before releasing the magnet to prevent them from escaping prematurely.
  • If aggressive fish dominate the trap and prevent the target fish from entering, you may need to temporarily remove the dominant fish from the tank to facilitate trapping the desired species.
  • Rinse & dry your fish trap before storage.