It’s BRS Recommend - The Flipper magnetic aquarium glass cleaners!

Flipper Magnet Cleaners

To earn the BRS Recommended badge of approval the aquarium product must offer great value at its particular price or accomplish something truly unique for your aquarium. In many cases, it is a combination of both that brings these products to the forefront and worthy of highlighting.

Using the good, better, best scale the Flipper Magnetic Glass Cleaner hits that good to better pocket because of the more affordable price point which makes it a solid value and likely the reason it is our best selling magnet cleaner.

The Flipper's claim to fame is one side is a scrubby pad and one side is a scraper blade. You can flip from one side to the other without getting your hands wet too.

Flipper Cleaner

Take the cleaner to the edge of the tank and turn the handle 180 degrees as you transfer from one side to the other. The inside half will flip from scrubber pad to blade or vise versa using the polarity of the internal magnets.

While that is a neat function, 90% of the reefers out there like this magnet because of the scraper blade that will make quick work of tough algae. By design, it is very unlikely a rogue bit of sand will get stuck on the blade side reducing the risk of scratching your tank walls.

Flipper Cleaner

If you do find that the scrubby side is your preferred side of the flip, make sure to keep it free of sand which can scratch the glass. This generally happens when the wet side of the cleaner falls into the sand bed and picks up a grain of sand. Once you reconnect and start cleaning again, that grain of sand pushed up against the glass repeatedly can eventually dig a scratch.

The magnet strength and blade combination does excellent work on your typical green algae with a cleaning schedule of every 3-7 days, like most of us. The friction level is perfect for making it easy to slide around the tank without getting hung-up while still providing enough force to scrape away algae.

For those who clean a bit less frequently and allow the tougher algae to build up, you will likely need to pass over a few times for effective cleaning of the stubborn areas.

With the idea of buying the right tool for the job, you know who you are in terms of how often you clean and this Flipper magnet cleaner is best for reefers with a typical cleaning schedule of every few days.

Flipper Cleaner Sizes

Flipper has done an excellent job creating different sizes based on the strength of the magnet and cleaning surface area.

Nano - up to ¼” thick glass

Standard - up to ½” thick glass

MAX - up to 1” thick glass

Choosing something sized a bit larger than what you have will result in a stronger cleaning power and likely your best route. With larger tank walls, the MAX size is well worth the extra expense compared to other magnets with a similar cleaning surface area.

Solid performance at half the cost of competing magnet cleaners is why the Flipper magnets are BRS Recommended and also the most widely used cleaner with a ton of product reviews on our website. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying by going through the hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews on our website.

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