Why the Algae Free magnetic aquarium glass cleaner is BRS Recommended

Algae Free Magnetic Aquarium Cleaners

To earn the BRS Recommended badge of approval the aquarium product must offer great value at its particular price or accomplish something truly unique for your aquarium. In many cases, it is a combination of both that brings these products to the forefront and worthy of highlighting.

Algae Free Magnetic Algae Cleaners nailed it on the high end or best value point and also offer some things that are truly unique.

Algae Free Magnetic Cleaners glass thickness guide

First and perhaps the most notable, they use extremely strong and precisely sized magnets which means the cleaners will live up to their name and effectively remove algae when paired with the appropriate glass thickness.

This honest sizing and superior performance is really the heart of why this magnet cleaner earned the BRS Recommended tag.

Something else that is both valuable and unique is the fact that this is one of only two algae magnet options on the market with a floating wet side assembly.

If the magnet becomes disconnected while cleaning, the business end of the magnet inside your tank will quickly float to the surface for easy retrieval. This way your arms stay dry and you will avoid picking up any pesky particles from the sand bed that could leave ugly scratches on your tank’s walls.

Algae Free Magnetic glass cleaner with balde attachment

While on the topic of scratches, Algae Free has been quite thoughtful and includes both glass and acrylic safe cleaning pads. For those times in which a little more power is required, the very popular algae scraping blade attachment is also included with a metal blade for glass and plastic blade for acrylic.

Algae Free Magnetic Glass Cleaner on aquarium glass wall

As with most high end products with such a long standing reputation and positive customer reviews, form needs to match function. In this case, Algae Free managed to make their cleaners stylish by encasing the dry side in a beautifully finished wooden block.

Let’s all be honest, magnet cleaners are very often kept inside your display tank in between uses and that means you are always staring at it. Although this is not the best practice, a majority of reefers do this so having the most attractive cleaner on the market only makes sense.

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