1. How is the Radion G6 different from the Radion G5?

The only difference between the Radion G5 and G6 is the optics and spectrum.

  • G6 Spectrum - Both the G6 Pro and Blue fixtures include more Blue LEDs and an added near-UV 395nm LED which widens the blue-purple spectrum that corals crave. This also improves the fluorescence you can achieve among your fish and corals.
  • HEI2 Optics - All G6 generation Radion LEDs sport a brand new HEI2 optics system which widens the native spread of light to further improve coverage and efficiency. The beam angle right out of the light measures 126° which creates the most even and widest spread of light from a Radion LED to date. 

2. Does the G6 fit the G5 RMS Mounting Systems?

Yes! All of the RMS mounting hardware is compatible with both the G5 and G6 series Radion LEDs because they are built using the same exact housing and heatsink. 

3. What is the best mounting height for the Radion G6?

The Radion G6 LEDs have an optimal mounting height of about 9" from the water's surface.

4. Which is best, the G6 Blue or G6 Pro?

It's not a question of which one is best but rather what are you looking to get out of the light.

  • The Radion Blue provides a heavy blue spectrum, optimized for coral fluorescence with all channels at 100%.
  • The Radion Pro produces a whiter or more natural daylight appearance in the aquarium with all channels at 100%. 

In both cases, the spectrum produced is successful and you can fine-tune the appearance to suit your particular taste by making adjustments using Mobius. Both the Pro and Blue fixtures have the same number of Violet and UV diodes so you won't miss out on the wider UV spectrum. It really just depends on your personal preference for appearance and no matter which route you choose, you have some flexibility. 

5. Is the upgrade from a Radion G5 to G6 worth it?

The G5 was and still is a very successful platform that brought a dramatic improvement over the Radion LEDs of days past. The improved spread and spectrum combined with wireless control via Mobius created one of the best performing reef tank LEDs we have ever seen.  The G5 lights have grown hundreds of thousands of healthy corals in both private reef aquariums and aquaculture facilities across the world. 

The G6 most certainly embraces all of the features that made the G5 so successful and there are two distinct benefits to making the upgrade. The improved spectrum of the G6 means you can achieve better fluorescence among your fish and corals and the improved optics provide a more even spread for better coverage.

The good news, making the upgrade from a G5 to G6 is easier (and more affordable) than you think!  Because the G5 and G6 are built using the same platform, EcoTech Marine is offering upgrade kits that allow you to simply swap out the LED board without having to buy a whole new fixture.

Watch Video: Radion G6 Upgrade Kit Instructions - From G5 to G6 or Pro to Blue