Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, EcoTech Marine pushes the limits by further improving the performance of their already best-in-class LED light with the all-new Radion G6. The capabilities of this 6th generation Radion are second to none with even more possible color pop and fluorescence, more efficient coverage, and improved versatility that holds true for both the Blue and Pro series fixtures. 

Available for order today, the Radion G6 is built using the very same platform as the previous G5 but carries a re-balanced array of LED diodes that expand the blue and UV color spectrum as well as the improved HEI2 Optics that blend the output to produce the most efficient light spread we have seen from EcoTech Marine to date.  The heat sink, driver, and profile of the G6 are identical to the previous Radion G5 so you can easily upgrade using the very same RMS mounting options and accessories. The fixtures also come Mobius ready right out of the box with the most advanced lighting control technology available to reef aquarists. 


Radion G6 Blue Spectrum Anatomy

Improved G6 Spectrum

Both the Blue and Pro series Radion G6 fixtures carry a re-balanced array of LED diodes. With the addition of 395 nm (Violet UV) LEDs and some adjustments to the included blue (near UV) and White diodes, EcoTech Marine has widened the range of UV and Blue wavelengths giving you the ability to further improve color rendition and achieve extraordinary fluorescence without sacrificing any flexibility. In fact, the new G6 is even more versatile with the ability to fine-tune the spectrum within the UV and Blue range to achieve the perfect balance between actinic and crisp blue. 

Radion G6 Light Spread

Best Light Spread to Date

When using LED lighting over a reef tank, the way the light is blended together and spread out over an aquarium is critical to the performance and effectiveness of the light.  You need full-spectrum light that produces an even spectrum across a wide area in order to distribute sufficient PAR levels throughout the aquarium. EcoTech Marine has focused on this specifically with their new Hemispherically Edge Illuminating - HEI2 Optics that deliver an incredible 126.3° angle of output and can cover up to a 48" x 48" area with an acceptable distribution of light.

When properly mounted and spaced over top of a reef aquarium, the G6 is the most capable LED light in its class in terms of cost vs. coverage thanks to the HEI2 optics. For the price, the Radion G6 can produce the best spread of sufficient PAR across the widest area with the added benefit of even better color mixing than ever before.

Radion G6 HEI2 Optics

In the way of visual appearance, the HEI2 optics deliver a very well blended spectrum while still retaining a beautiful shimmer to produce that awe-inspiring reef appearance as the light reflects off the water's surface. For those who wish to further blend the spectrum and achieve a more muted appearance, the G6 fixtures are 100% compatible with the existing Radion Diffusor accessory.   

Blue vs Pro

The Radion G6 lineup carries over the same offerings as the previous generation with both Blue and Pro model fixtures. The Radion G6 Blue produces an intense blue color spectrum without the need for advanced spectrum control, success is easy to find and you won't be left starving for more color.  The Pro is the choice of serious professionals that is capable of a wide range of successful color spectrums and gives the user complete control to produce exactly the result they desire. 

Download: Radion G6 Quick Start Guide

Will There Be An Upgrade Kit?

Since the G6 was built using the same platform as the G5, you can upgrade an existing Radion G5 using the G6 LED board and HEI2 optics upgrade kit. You can also turn a Blue into a Pro via the same process. Upgrade kits are available for sale right now so you can unlock the full potential of your G5 Radion LED Lights.

EcoTech Marine Radion G6 Announcement