Best Dosing Pumps of 2022


Over the years, there have been certain pieces of equipment and technology that have resulted in considerable strides for home aquarists in the way of producing healthier, more stable aquariums.  Dosing pumps are high on that list and perform a variety of critical tasks including dosing additives that maintain major, minor, and trace elements, delivering nutrients, and even automatic water changes. It should go without saying that dosing pumps are most certainly a valuable component of any reef aquarium not only because they can relieve the need for manual maintenance but also their ability to produce a more stable and controlled environment in our aquariums. 

The Best Dosing Pumps of 2022 is a comprehensive list that covers the gamut from the latest technology to our favorite dosing accessories. Each product was carefully chosen based on performance, customer feedback, and unique features that bring added value to your aquarium. 


Red Sea ReefDose

Red Sea's ReefDose is one of the newest additions to the dosing pump category and has been widely received as one of the most convenient and feature-rich dosing pumps to date. There are two models, the 2 and 4 channel ReefDose, both of which are controlled using the Red Sea ReefBeat app from your smartphone.

The specially designed pump heads and motors can deliver precision drop by drop doses controlled by intelligent programming that is just as smart as it is easy to use. The ReefBeat app can send you alerts and notifications, log dosing volumes, automatically schedule and combine dosing programs and even remembers missed doses during a power failure or change to the programming. 



Neptune Systems DOS

The Neptune Systems DŌS was engineered to be accurate, quiet, and reliable using precision components like a stepper motor and compression-style tube connections. When combined with your Neptune Systems Apex, the DŌS is incredibly powerful and one of the smartest dosing pumps on the market. 

The DŌS is unique in that it must be connected to your Apex to function which means you can create some pretty complex dosing programs and perform tasks that just cannot be done with standard dosing pumps.

For example, you can program the dose to deliver your two-part solution and then automatically dial in the dosages based on logged calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium readings from the Neptune Systems Trident. You can program automatic water exchanges with the push of a button. You can even connect the DŌS to Neptune's DDR dual-dosing reservoirs that will monitor your additives in real-time, notifying you before they run out! 



BRS 2 Part Doser - 1.1 mL Per Minute

The words of Da Vinci "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" are the perfect explanation for why the BRS 2 Part Doser made our list. It is the lack of complexity and the resulting affordability that consistently ranks this dosing pump among our top 5 best-sellers. 

The BRS 2 Part doser is not directly programmable and only delivers a single fluid but is long-lasting, easy to use, and is one of the most inexpensive ways to automate 2-part dosing on your reef aquarium. 

The pump simply plugs into a standard wall timer or aquarium controller to deliver additives on a schedule. There is no complicated programming or complex menus to navigate. Simply calibrate the pump, calculate your dosage, and set your timer.   



Kamoer X1 Bluetooth MicroPump

The x1 Bluetooth Micropump made our list because it is the most popular Kamoer dosing pump and is available for less than $70.

The programming is done via your Bluetooth-capable smart device using a reliable Bluetooth connection and a free iOS/Android app. That means you can quickly connect to the pump without having to hunt for a Wifi signal, set up your dosing schedule, and be on your way in a matter of minutes.

The single pump head is particularly small in size and can be daisy-chained to a series of additional x1 Micropumps to create a complete dosing system for your reef. 


Simplicity Dosing Containers & Colored Silicone Tubing

Simplicity dosing accessories caught our attention this year because they are affordable but also don't lack any of the qualities or features we value.  

The dosing containers are available in two different models, a 2-liter single reservoir and a 6-liter triple reservoir.  They are made from 100% acrylic which means they are impervious to chemicals. Each reservoir is transparent on three sides, etched with a volume scale, and has PVC stems to secure the tubing. There is also a built-in sensor bracket to hold float switches or optical sensors for electronic monitoring of your additives using an aquarium controller. 

Silicone tubing might seem like a silly addition but when connected to your dosing system, the color-coded tubing is extremely useful. Simply use a different color tube for each of your different additives so won't ever get the dosing lines mixed up. The heavy-duty silicone material is flexible and chemically resistant to cracking even after long exposure to aquarium additives. 



AquaMaxx DTH-1 Pro Magnetic Tube Holder

Securing your dosing lines to your sump or aquarium is extremely important to help prevent clogging and keep the tubes organized to reduce the chances of you accidentally catching a loose tube, pulling it out of the sump. The AquaMaxx DTH-1 Pro Tube Holder does this job especially well and has two unique features making it extra versatile.  

First, it is magnetically mounted meaning you can mount the holder pretty much anywhere on your sump or aquarium walls. Secondly, the tube connections are interchangeable and you get both quick-disconnect and insert style tube fittings to accommodate different tubing materials.