The highly anticipated union of EcoTech Marine, AquaIllumination, and Neptune Systems is here with the all-new MXM Module for your Apex!  Using the MXM, you can wirelessly connect your LED lighting and flow devices to your Apex and control everything together using a single app - Apex Fusion. 

Neptune Systems MXM Module - All Together Now

Why Do I Want an MXM?

The MXM allows you to control up to 25 Mobius devices and gives you complete control over presets, spectrum, pump speed, and schedules right inside Apex Fusion. You can also integrate your EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination gear into useful automations. 

  • Set up a feed mode in which your Vortech and Vectra pumps operate at a reduced speed while your auto feeder is running.
  • Create a maintenance mode where your lighting adjusts to a brighter spectrum and your return pump turns off so you can perform a water change.
  • Turn off your powerheads and adjust the light spectrum to capture better photos of your corals and fish 
  • Speed up your powerheads while dosing alkalinity to reduce precipitation

MXM Module - A unified ecosystem

Streamline Setup and Integration

  1. Simply connect your MXM module via an AquaBus cable to any open AquaBus port on your Apex.
  2. Open the Mobius app, connect to the MXM, and assign the MXM to your devices.
  3. Upon opening Apex Fusion, your Mobius devices will automatically show up right on your dashboard. 

Compatible Devices