A water pump is often called "the heart" of your aquarium as it pushes water throughout the filtration system ultimately allowing life to survive. This is where the COR-15 and COR-20 return pumps got their name, operating at the core of your aquarium.  As with any Neptune Systems product, the COR series pumps provide users with an extra special experience and are capable of things no other pump on the market can do. 

There are two different models with the main difference being the COR-15 only operates through direct connection with an Apex Controller while the COR-20 provides a bit more flow but also works as a stand-alone pump meaning it does not require an Apex to function. On that note, when the pumps are connected to an Apex, you open up both safety protections and amazing control features that are otherwise not possible.

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COR-15 Specifications

  • Pump Dimensions - 3.875" W x 4.875" H x 6.250" D
  • Driver Dimensions - 3" W x 4" H x 1" D
  • Max Flow - 1500 GPH
  • Max Head - 14FT
  • Input Size - 1" Slip PVC
  • Output Size - 3/4" Slip PVC or 1 1/4" Slip to BSPP Union
  • Power Consumption - Less than 50W @ 120VAC

The COR-15 pump is built to last, is ultra silent and utilizes the latest in vector control, BLDC motor technology that will withstand the rigors of saltwater aquariums. It is energy efficient running with a maximum of only 50 watts and best of all, you can power the pump without an external power supply by connecting directly to your EB832 or 1 Link Module. Right out of the box you will have the necessary parts and fittings, including true-unions, to make a quick integration into your tank's existing hard PVC or soft plumbing.

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Every COR pump provides the user with real-time operational feedback including flow rate, wattage draw, and internal pump temperature helping you to monitor not only the performance in your tank but also helps to avoid unexpected pump failure. You can set your flow rate directly using Apex Fusion along with defining multiple feed/maintenance modes and even set minimum and maximum flow rates for your tank. The Apex can be set up to then send you alerts via Fusion should something go wrong or fall outside your predetermined parameters no matter where you are. Optimal performance and ultimate reef tank protection.