Safely acclimating new fish, corals, inverts is a critical part of successfully stocking a tank because it will help reduce stress and allows your new pets to slowly get used to the environment, water chemistry, and their new neighbors. The Eshopps Tanklimate Nano is a tiny box intended for safe isolation and acclimation of fish and other aquatics pets into a small reef tank.  


  • Dimensions: 6" L x 4" W x 4" H
  • Individual Chamber Dimensions: 4" L x 5" x 6" H
  • Magnets: 1
  • Max Tank Thinkness: 1/2"
  • Dividers: 2

Measuring only 6" long x4" wide/tall, the small box fits perfectly into small nano reef aquariums. A strong coated magnet mount will hold the entire box horizontally on tank walls up to 1/2" thick and is safe for mounting underwater inside an overflow. The folding lid helps keep your fish inside the box where they belong with plenty of holes for optimal flow through the box. Certainly a step up from those ugly DIY Tupperware or plastic boxes and far less likely to fail. 

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In addition to isolating new arrivals, the Tanklimate comes in handy for a variety of other applications. "Fish Jail", as we like to call it, is when you separate an aggressive fish from the general population in hopes of resetting the pecking order and reducing aggression. Observation of finicky and sensitive animals or training these shy animals to become accustomed to eating prepared aquarium foods. It works for corals and anemones too, giving you a safe haven for them to safely attach to a frag plug or rubble rock. You can even use it as an in-tank refugium, housing live macroalgae for nutrient export.