In the seventh episode of the Apex series, we're going to give a brief tour of the new cloud based fusion configuration tool. Fusion is really just a simpler, easier way to program your Apex, monitor your tank, and access the information from anywhere via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. One of the biggest wins of Fusion is the networking and email setup. If you've been using the browser based set-up, the Fusion homepage will be pretty familiar. You'll still see your tank temp, pH, ORP, power usage, salinity, ability to switch statuses plus all of your outlets and profiles with the ability to trigger and cancel feed mode. It's also really easy to change the layout of how the information is display; simply hit the unlock button and drag any items you're not using or don't need into the grey area. Move things around based on how you want to see them, and simply hit the lock button when you're done. The display of Fusion is dynamic, which means it adapts to whatever device you're using. In this video, we'll show you how it displays in an easy to navigate single column on iPhone (it's also really easy to use on iPad). Programming via Fusion is similar to the current web-based interface. There also some presets available for lights, pumps, chillers, pH control, ORP control and the auto-feeder. In addition, there's an advanced tab for those looking for program more advanced options. Another cool feature is the authorization tool which allows you to give access others access to your tank - this could come in handy if you are on vacation or away. The feature allows you to assign users the ability to simply be able to view the tank, control it, program it, or even allow them to create additional users. With Fusion, you now have the ability to safely put your tank monitoring in the capable hands of other reefers (like someone from your local reef club) rather than a friend who may not know much about aquariums. Of course one of the coolest things about Fusion is how accessible your tank via the Apex controller; whether it be via mobile phone, tablet or PC. Not only that, but you can set up email and SMS alerts to notify you of any issues that occur based on the alarms you set-up. On a final note, Neptune is also introducing some really cool interfaces that eliminate the need for long threads of advanced code and allow you to control things, like a VorTech pump for example. Make sure to hit subscribe to get future episodes in our Apex series! Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: