The Nuvo EXT aquariums from Innovative Marine are reef-ready glass aquariums that feature a quiet external overflow box for connection to the sump of your choice. These feature-rich glass aquariums are available in various shapes and sizes from the smallest 40-gallon long to the largest 200-gallon rectangle show tank. You can purchase the tanks in combination with a matching black or white colored aluminum framed APS cabinet stand or purchase them a la carte to pair with a custom stand of your choosing. 

What we really love about the EXT line is the flexibility to build and customize the reef tank of your dreams without having to spring for a custom tank. The EXT lines carry a custom look and feel and are built with excellent quality, yet allow you to configure the plumbing and life support system exactly as you want. 

Nuvo EXT Aquarium Overflow System

Clean Lines

All of the EXT aquariums are built using ultra-thick, low-iron glass with black silicone seems. The outside panels are finished with beveled, diamond-polished edges and the back panel features a laser-cut weir. The external overflow box located on the back wall opens up your display to maximize space and won't take away from the natural aesthetic you create. The outside edges sit flush with the APS stand to create a clean and contemporary appearance that is the perfect complement to any room. 

Nuvo EXT Aquarium with APS Stand

Aluminium APS Cabinet Stand (Optional)

The aluminium-framed APS Cabinet Stands are very unique in that they are lightweight, yet extremely sturdy. They come packaged flat but can be assembled in minutes without any gluing or drilling required. You can choose to enclose the area underneath your tank using the included plastic panels and doors or just leave the stand open for easier access around your sump.  

Nuvo EXT Overflow

Quiet Overflow & Easy Assemble Plumbing

With an external overflow box that is pre-drilled, the included bulkheads and standpipes assemble in a matter of minutes. They are US standard-size bulkheads meaning you can connect any standard PVC pipe or plumbing fittings. All of the EXT tanks have a primary drain with a stand-pipe then either 1 or 2 secondary e-drains. The overflow box only measures 3.5" wide meaning the tank can be set as close to 3.75" away from the wall. 

The back panel is laser cut with a weir going into the overflow box and is also drilled for installation of the 3/4" return bulkheads. Each tank includes an attached foam leveling mat making it easy to slide the tank into place.

Nuvo EXT Aquarium with APS Stand

Nuvo EXT Shopping List

Here is a quick shopping list to get your Nuvo EXT connected to a sump. The configurations can vary depending on the particular sump you choose and the plumbing you desire. We like to use rigid PVC on the drain pipes for easy gate valve installation and flexible tubing for the return line to reduce vibration noise from the pump. The flexible tubing is also much easier to remove and disassemble when it comes time to clean your return pump.