If you are on the hunt for an affordable yet reliable protein skimmer that still has the premium features you are craving then look no further than the Bubble Magus Curve Elite Skimmer Series. With modern aesthetic, variable size options, and a compact footprint, Bubble Magus is bringing value-driven protein skimming to thousands of reef aquariums.

The Bells & Whistles

  • Gear-driven gate for water height adjustments
  • Quick-access locking clips for removing the skimmer body
  • A maintainable air silencer
  • Skimmer cup with an inverted cup and drain port
  • A reliable Italian-made Sicce pump

What's In The Box - Curve Elite Protein Skimmers

What’s In The Box

  • Skimmer body
  • Skimmer cup
  • Bubble Diffuser
  • Venturi
  • Drain port plug
  • Air silencer
  • Sicce pump

Bubble Magus Curve Elite Protein Skimmers Sizes

Size Options

There are three Curve Elite models available including the 5, 7, and 9, and they are rated for heavily stocked 75, 100, and 150-gallon aquariums respectively. Additionally, you can see each of their compact footprints on the graphic included above. Each of these skimmers requires a water height between 9.5 and 11 inches.

The Pump

The Italian-made Sicce pumps included on these skimmers are perfectly sized for each model and are built extremely well. Thousands of hobbyists rely on Sicce for both return and skimmer pumps. Also, their pump warranties are unmatched and give reefers the peace of mind they desire.

Metered Outlet pipe water level adjustments


The gear-driven gate allows the user to make adjustments to the water level inside of the skimmer body. Simply turn the Knob to the left or right to open or close the gate while lowering or raising the water level to adjust how dry or wet you want your skimmate. Bubble Magus also added incremental settings on the dial so that you can remember that sweet spot for your skimming needs. If you would like some additional control on the air being injected into your system then, simply adding an Inline Ball Valve to the air intake is all that you will need.

Bubble Magus Curve Elite Protein Skimmer Tear Down


The collection cup on the Elite Series is very easy to remove and it also has a drain port for those who prefer to use a waste collector for their skimmate. The locking clips on the skimmer’s body make it simple to do a full clean on your skimmer and access the pump. The air silencer also comes apart to make cleaning it a breeze.