Investing in a powerhead that is compact, controllable, and reliable doesn’t need to break the bank. That is exactly why we are doing a deep dive on the Aqamai KPS which fits into all of these categories while still being very affordable.

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The Aqamai KPS draws all of the best features of the Koralia Gen 3 powerheads and builds off of it to create a more controllable and customizable offering. A DC motor, WiFi app control with 6 flow modes, 24-hour custom scheduling, 1,050 gallons of flow, and an adjustable magnet mounting system are all packed into a compact system the size of a chicken egg. Additionally, at just $119.99 it would be impossible to find a more powerful and capably powerhead at such an affordable price point.

Aqamai KPS Powerhead Package Contents

What’s In The Box

  • Aqamai KPS pump
  • Controller
  • Power supply
  • Cable management accessories
  • User manual

Aqamai KPS and KPM size comparison

A Larger Alternative

For those with aquariums larger than 50 gallons, but like the value and design of the Aqamai KPS, the Aqamai KPM is the big brother to this unit. The KPM has all of the same premium features of the KPS, but it can put out 2700 GPH of flow and operate on aquariums up to 100 gallons.

Aqamai KPS Mounting and dimensions

Footprint & Mounting

The KPS is extremely small with dimensions of 2.5” x 1.9” that makes it ideal for pico and nano aquariums. This powerhead has a dual magnet support system that uses a flexible silicone suction cup to hold the pump to the magnet mount and allow for adjustability. The magnet accommodates aquariums up to .59” thick and you can adjust its positioning to send flow where you need it most. The mount is also vibration-absorbing which makes the entire system near-silent when operating.

Flow Pattern

These pumps provide a wide and gentle yet turbulent flow pattern that results in a lot of water movement without overwhelming your corals. You should not have any issues getting this pump to send water across the entirety of a three-foot-long aquarium.

Aqamai KPS App Control

App Control

The app provides access to six different flow modes including constant, wave, smooth, random, feed, and night patterns. Each of these can be added to your custom 24-hour schedule that allows you to make adjustments every 30 minutes. There is also a wide variety of flow presets within the application for those who want to use something they know will work well for their needs. You can also create your own presets to copy over should you need them. The controller has an LED indicator that will match the color of the current flow mode going on within your tank. Finally, there is a button on the controller that can be pressed to provide a 10-minute feed mode to your system.