The Red Sea ATO Plus is an innovative all-in-one device that goes beyond traditional automatic top-off (ATO) systems for reef aquariums. Designed to address evaporation concerns, this product also acts as a temperature monitor and a leak detector. With its seamless integration into Red Sea Reefer setups and compatibility with other sumps, the Reef ATO Plus offers aquarium owners a comprehensive solution to maintain a healthy and stable reef environment.

Automatic Top-Off System: The Red Sea ATO Plus serves as an excellent ATO system, ensuring consistent water levels in your reef aquarium. It replaces the existing float valve in the reefer sump, making it a perfect fit without relying on magnets. Additionally, it includes a magnetic corner bracket for easy attachment to various sumps, accommodating different tank brands.

Advanced ATO Sensor: Unlike traditional float-type sensors, the ATO sensor of the Reef ATO Plus utilizes five titanium probes. These probes, spaced three millimeters apart, minimize salinity fluctuation. The low-level probe turns on the pump, while the high-level probe shuts it off, preventing overfilling. The lowest probe functions as a temperature probe, providing a constant temperature readout. The use of solid-state titanium probes ensures durability and reliability, making them ideal for reef environments.

Smart Programming: Red Sea has incorporated intelligent programming into the ATO Plus to enhance its functionality. The system calculates the average fill time required for your specific reef and automatically shuts off the pump if it exceeds that time. This feature ensures precise control over water levels and prevents potential overflow.

Efficient Pump Design: The ATO Plus features a thoughtfully designed pump that draws water from underneath and pushes it vertically through the top. This design enables the pump to empty the reservoir without drawing air, and it fits not only specialized ATO reservoirs but also standard water jugs. The pump operates at a flow rate of 75 gallons per hour, ensuring efficient water transfer.

Enhanced Pump Features: The ATO Plus pump stands out with several noteworthy features. Its impeller cover is made of firm rubber, allowing for easier maintenance and reducing vibration, resulting in a quieter operation. The pump also includes a locking collar to ensure secure tubing attachment. Being a DC pump, it can automatically adjust the flow rate to maintain approximately 18 gallons per hour, adapting to different reef tank setups.

Leak Detection: A separate Leak Sensor features titanium pads and can be placed anywhere outside of your sump or filtration system.  Laying flat, the sensor can be secured via screws so as not be easily moved and can notify you directly via the ReefBeat app should it detect water on the floor or inside your tank stand. 

Compatibility with ReefBeat App: The Reef ATO Plus controller is compatible with the Red Sea ReefBeat app, making it a smart ATO system. Through the app, users can track and graph evaporation levels, receive notifications if the pump is running dry, and monitor the water level in the sump. Additionally, it acts as a temperature monitor, logging temperature data on a graph and sending alerts if the temperature goes beyond the desired range. The titanium probe leak sensor also alerts users if water is detected where it shouldn't be, ensuring prompt action can be taken to maintain the health of the reef.