Can You Beat Algae or Skip the Ugly Brown Phase Using a UV Sterilizer in a New Saltwater Tank?

After 5 months of testing here in the BRStv Labs, we are back with an all NEW BRStv Investigates. Our hosts dive deap into the topic of UV sterilization and discuss whether or not UV sterilizers are useful when establishing your new saltwater reef tank.

Can UV sterilizers reduce nuisance algae?

Can UV eliminate the brown ugly phase during the first few months?

Does UV slow down or affect the biological filter?

How does UV affect cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates?

Get answers to these pressing questions as Ryan and Randy share their thoughts and observations. We walk away with a much more distinct understanding of what to expect during those first few months and how UV sterilizers can be useful during this time.

UV Sterilizer Playlist

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