Filter Socks Will Be the Best Filter Your Reef Tank Ever Had...If You Can Avoid These Mistakes


Do you ever ask yourself if filter socks are really worth all of the effort they seemingly require to be used properly?  Well, the answer is YES, they are well worth the effort and if you follow our advice you can be certain your filter socks are, hands down, the most effective filter on your tank.  

Avoid the mistakes and follow these top 20 tips and tricks! 

  1. Understand why you use them - to remove leftover food and waste before it breaks down.
  2. Maintain a schedule that works for YOUR tank and stick to it.
  3. Wash and reuse them, don't throw them out.
  4. Do not put your hands blindly into your filter socks for the risk of pests.
  5. If your sump is designed for socks, USE them. 
  6. Do not put carbon in your filter sock, it will cause a mess and is not effective.
  7. Match your skimmer size and performance to your filter sock effectiveness.
  8. Mesh socks are not as effective as felt socks.
  9. Filters socks can be nitrate traps/factories if you do not change them out.
  10. Buy more than one.
  11. Choose the right size for your sump.
  12. Use multiple socks when appropriate.
  13. Consider what happens when they clog - water level rises and will bypass the socks.
  14. Automatic Filter Rollers are worth their weight in gold.
  15. Consider using a filter cup instead of a filter sock - easier maintenance.
  16. Felt pads can be more economical and a viable alternative.
  17. Not all filter socks are created equal, some are a propriety size and shapes.
  18. If using an Automatic Filter Roller, be sure it fits correctly.
  19. Filter socks have more than one use, especially for maintenance. 
  20. RO/DI style Sediment filters can be a highly effective mechanical filtration alternative.

Filter Socks


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