Booster pumps will increase the amount of pressure that is available to feed your RODI systems membrane. Hooking up a booster pump is pretty simple with basic knowledge of your RODI system. The Aquatech Booster pump is compatible with all BRS RODI systems and most others.


These instructions assume that you are using a BRS RODI system that is already plumbed and set up. If you have a different brand of RODI system colors may vary from those listed below.

  1. Unpackage the booster pump and remove the rubber caps from the booster pump's quick connect ends
  2. Mount the booster pump in a dry place away from any heat sources. The booster pump can be mounted in any orientation, but the pump will operate the best with the pump mounted virtically, reducing air bubble traps captured in the head.
  3. Take note of the flow direction arrows on the head of the booster pump and connect your RODI systems source water (Red Line) to the output of the pump.
  4. Install the pressure switch on the product water (Blue Line) coming out of your RODI systems membrane. The pressure switch should be connected after the auto shut off valve.
  5. Connect your water source to the inlet of the booster pump.
  6. Turn on your water source slowly and check for any leaks.
  7. Connect the wiring harness from the transformer to the pressure switch and then to the booster pump.
  8. Plug in the booster pump power supply to a GFCI power source and monitor the pressure when the system is energized.

Pressure Adjustment - Aquatech booster pumps have a small Allen screw on the head of the pump that can be used to decrease the pressure output of the pump. After installing the booster pump if pressure at the membrane exceeds 90 PSI it will be required to decrease the pressure and can be done while the system is running.


Shut-Off Adjustment - In most cases the factory pressure setting on the pressure switch will be appropriate. If the booster pump fails to shut off after your auto shut off valve has activated it may be necessary to adjust the pressure setting via the small screw the switch.





If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.