Matthew gets real and opens up the most annoying aspects of his tank or the aquarium hobby in general.  While the good outweighs the bad, sometimes it helps to just get some things off your chest.  What are your aquarium pet peeves? 

1. Stubborn algae growing in the corners or other hard-to-reach areas

2. Tiny fonts used for printed instructions

3. Poorly formatted user manuals

4. Blue-saturated tank photos

5. Changing filter socks

6. The sound/vibrations of AC pumps

7. Know-it-all hobbyists

8. Messy AIO filtration chambers

9. Exposed wires

10. Tiny "booger" sized frags

11. Vacations

12. The loss of livestock during shipping

13. Sudden unexplained death

14. When you can't find a simple answer

15. Aggressive clownfish

16. Tuning a "Herbie" style overflow with only a ball valve

17. The poo-poo smell of skimmate

18. Aquarium lights that are not water-resistant

19. Light fixtures that do not include a standard mounting option

20. Its a male-dominated hobby but doesn't have to be